15Emiliano Boffelli, FB
14Matias Moroni, W
13Matias Orlando, C
12Jeronimo de la Fuente, C
11Santiago Carreras, W
10Benjamin Urdapilleta, FH
9Tomas Cubelli, SH
1Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, P
2Julian Montoya, H
3Juan Figallo, P
4Guido Petti Pagadizabal, L
5Tomas Lavanini, L
6Pablo Matera, FL
7Marcos Kremer, FL
8Tomas Lezana, N8
16Agustin Creevy, R
17Mayco Vivas, R
18Santiago Medrano, R
19Matias Alemanno, R
20Javier Ortega Desio, R
21Felipe Ezcurra, R
22Nicolas Sanchez, R
23Bautista Delguy, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Hanazono Rugby Stadium
12:45 AM, September 28, 2019

Match Commentary

81'The Pumas get the win but they won't be happy with that second-half performance, particularly with England up next weekend. Fair play to Tonga though who fought back well and scored the only try of the second half; that was a performance the people of Tonga back home can be proud of.
81'28-12 End of second half
80'Nope, a lineout steal from the Pumas finishes it!
79'Penalty Tonga. The Islanders really finishing with a flourish here as another breakdown infringement gives them the chance to kick for the corner. Can they reduce the gap further?
78'Penalty Tonga. A deliberate knock-down earns Tonga what looks like being the last attacking opportunity of the game.
76'Penalty Tonga! Great breakdown work the Tongans the call from Peyper this time; simply nothing has gone right for los Pumas in this second half and full credit must go to Tonga who looked set for a hiding early on.
75'Penalty Argentina. Here's a chance for the Pumas who will attack from right on the Tongan 22.
74'Scrum Tonga. The Pumas try a Gary Owen after they've been able to crack the Tongans' defence, but Boffelli spills his attempt to catch it.
74'Substitute on - Latiume Fosita , Tonga
74'Player substituted - Telusa Veainu , Tonga
73'Nope, Sanchez misses!
73'Player substituted - Tomas Cubelli , Argentina
73'Substitute on - Felipe Ezcurra , Argentina
72'Penalty Argentina. Wow, that was an exhausting couple of minutes of play! Both teams struggled to break down each other's defence after a couple of kicks before Tonga are pinged for a high tackle. In a sign of respect, though, the Pumas have elected to take the shot at goal.
68'Penalty Tonga! Things are all going the Islanders' way at the minute, but it's again a pretty soft no-arms tackle that Peyper rules on. Tonga kick to touch and will attack from just outside Argentina's 22.
67'Things just going a little awry here for the Pumas as fly-half Nicloas Sanchez kicks the ball into the Tonga in-goal, which is easily forced, and we're coming back for a scrum on halfway.
67'Player substituted - Siegfried Fisi'ihoi , Tonga
67'Substitute on - Vunipola Fifita , Tonga
67'Substitute on - Bautista Delguy , Argentina
67'Player substituted - Matias Orlando , Argentina
66'Yes! What a finish from the Tonga fullback! The Islanders again worked a nice scrum play before winger Cooper Vuna received a cut-out ball in space, the replacement then getting a brilliant pop away for Veainu who just manages to squeeze into the corner!
66'TMO time. This could be a brilliant try to Veainu and Tonga!
66'28-12 Try - Telusa Veainu , Tonga
66'Substitute on - Steve Mafi , Tonga
66'Player substituted - Sione Kalamafoni , Tonga
66'Substitute on - Leon Fukofuka , Tonga
66'Player substituted - Sonatane Takulua , Tonga
65'Scrum Tonga. That was a nice sequence from a scrum set move there from the Islanders as fly-half Faiva poked his head through the line and then a succession of pick-and-drives took the play further forward. A stray Pumas hand disrupts the movement, but Tonga will have another scrum from which .to attack, about 15 metres out from the Argentina's line
62'And the Tongans are out of their own half! This time it's Argentina who throw a bad pass, which is toed down field by the Islanders who then swarm in on the breakdown and win the scrum from Peyper.
61'Tonga almost threaten a break down the short-side there but Veainu is scragged just as he looks for an offload. Tonga clear to touch, but are still under pressure here.
59'That's great defence again from Tonga, this time big lock Leva Fifita jolts the ball free to force a knock-on. Tonga are really digging in at the moment, which is great to see. No doubt Pumas coach Mario Ledesma is a little frustrated in the box, though.
57'Wow, there was just a bit happening there! The Pumas had a nice build-up going and just as it looked like they were creating the space to score, a couple of huge hits from the Tongans, stopped their progress. Peyper comes back for a penalty however which keeps the Pumas on the attack.
55'That's unlucky there for the Pumas as ref Peyper gets in the way and he has to call the play back. Peyper stopped a Tongan defender from making a tackle, so it is the right call. Scrum Argentina.
55'Player substituted - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
55'Substitute on - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
55'Substitute on - Matias Alemanno , Argentina
55'Player substituted - Tomas Lavanini , Argentina
54'Tonga have to work for their clearance, but again fly-half Faiva puts his big left boot to work. The Tongan scrum looked a bit shaky, but they had two great runs to get clear, allowing Faiva then to do the rest.
53'Substitute on - Sefo Sakalia , Tonga
53'Player substituted - Paula Ngauamo , Tonga
53'Substitute on - Fotu Lokotui , Tonga
53'Player substituted - Zane Kapeli , Tonga
52'Nope, you can't give that! A desperate hand from Tonga just denies Cubelli as the ball is punched free from his grasp a mere few centimetres before it was grounded! Scrum Tonga.
52'It's TMO time again here as we go upstairs for a possible try to Tomas Cubelli!
51'Penalty Argentina. Just a few infringements starting to mount here for Tonga who, to be honest, might be a bit hard done by this time around. A lazy shoulder hit off the ball is picked up by Peyper, but it looked fairly similar to the one Tonga didn't get on the stroke of halftime.
49'That was actually pretty well shut down by Tonga this time around, and they are then able to force a mistake from the Pumas in the process. A booming clearance from James Faiva relieves the pressure for Tonga, for now.
48'Penalty Argentina. The Pumas string some nice phases together there to make about 30 metres up field, ref Peyper then finding an infringement from the Tongans which has given the Pumas another chance to go to the rolling maul.
45'A great from Tonga captain Siale Piutau there as he pokes his head through the line and gets an offload away. Pity the play breaks down with yet another Tongan handling error, which gives the Pumas a scrum about 38 metres out from their own line.
45'Player substituted - Pablo Matera , Argentina
45'Substitute on - Javier Ortega Desio , Argentina
45'Substitute on - Santiago Medrano , Argentina
45'Player substituted - Juan Figallo , Argentina
45'Substitute on - Mayco Vivas , Argentina
45'Player substituted - Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , Argentina
45'Player substituted - Julian Montoya , Argentina
45'Substitute on - Agustin Creevy , Argentina
44'Penalty. That is great defence from Tonga there and they get the reward from Peyper after the Pumas are pinged for holding on at the breakdown. Really excellent work Zane Kapeli over the ball.
43'Substitute on - Cooper Vuna , Tonga
43'Player substituted - Viliami Lolohea , Tonga
42'Penalty Argentina. The Pumas get the scrum decision from Peyper there and kick for the line about 30 metres out from Tonga's line. They will get the first decent attacking chance of the second half.
41'And we're back underway in Hanazono as Tonga kick off down to Argentina, Pumas skipper Pablo Matera charges straight back at the Tongans before the Pumas go to the box-kick, which Tonga take and earn a scrum feed from a high-ball take.
41'Player substituted - Ben Tameifuna , Tonga
41'Substitute on - Ma'afu Fia , Tonga
41'+128-7 End of first half
40'This was Tonga's sipi tau before kick-off!
40'No try! And no shoulder charge! Wow, it looked like there was evidence of a shoulder charge there, but referee Jaco Peyper and his TMO agree there was arm-wrapping, of sorts. That's halftime in Hanazono, the Pumas leading 28-7.
40'So close! The Tongans go within inches of scoring in the corner as winger David Halaifonua is bundled into touch just as he's about to touch down. Hang on, have we got a suggestion of a shoulder charge here?
40'Penalty Argentina. Tonga are going to get one last attacking opportunity here as Argentina are pinged for a breakdown infringement. The Tongans have a lineout on the Pumas' 22.
40'28-7 Start of second half
38'The booming boot of Emiliano Boffelli clears for Argentina after Tonga had sent a kick straight down the middle of the field themselves. The Tongans get a lineout back on halfway as a result.
37'Scrum Tonga. The Pumas tried to work a backline set-play but Matias Orlando spills it cold. That's a lucky break for Tonga.
36'Scrum Argentina. Just as the Pumas again start to threaten, a cheeky hand gets in their to knock the ball from Tomas Cubelli's grasp. The Tongans might have been lucky not to be penalised there. But the Argentines will likely threaten again here now, just a few hands-on-hips coming from the Tongan forwards at the moment.
33'Penalty Tonga. The Islanders gets a relieving penalty as Marcos Kremer is pinged for not rolling away at the ruck. Tonga are able to kick for the line downfield, finding touch just inside their own half.
32'28-7 Conversion - Sonatane Takulua , Tonga
31'The conversion is good and Tonga have their first converted try of the tournament. Let's hope they look to keep the ball in hand a bit more as they just showed then that when their handling is good, they are more than capable of stringing good phases together.
30'That is great play from the Tongans who make the most of the Pumas' fumbled restart. The Islanders build steadily through their forwards before halfback Takalua throws a nice wide pass to Veainu who slips between two defenders and then runs round to improve his goal-kicker's position.
30'Try time Tonga!
30'28-5 Try - Telusa Veainu , Tonga
28'Urdapilleta knocks over the simple conversion and it's 28-0.
28'28-0 Conversion - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
26'Try time Argentina! The Pumas have their fourth here and it's that man again: Julian Montonya! After a multi-phase build-up, the big hooker gets a head-of-steam up and barrels towards the line, just grazing the whitewash as he is brought down. The hooker has a hat-trick inside the half hour!
26'26-0 Try - Julian Montoya , Argentina
24'No try, Urdapilleta is ruled to have been held up. The replays showed the No. 10 just couldn't get it down. It didn't stop him from claiming a try, though!
24'It's TMO time! We;re going upstairs to check if Urdapilleta has scored for Argentina here after the Pumas go short-side from the scrum win. Referee Jaco Peyper says there was no clear grounding.
24'Substitute on - Siale Piutau , Tonga
24'Player substituted - Cooper Vuna , Tonga
23'Tonga are in real trouble here again! Another costly mistake is set upon by the Pumas who quickly execute a nice exchange of passing. They're only denied a fourth try by some scrambling Tonga defence as back-rower Marcos Kremer is held up. Scrum Argentina.
21'That was a silly pass from the Tongans there; then player just flicked it behind him and when it went to ground Carreras just had to scoop it up in stride and he was away.
21'21-0 Conversion - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
20'Oh now! A loose pass is picked up by Santiago Carreras and he sprints 55 metres to get the Pumas' third try!
20'19-0 Try - Santiago Carreras , Argentina
19'Tonga go deep with the restart and Argentina clear through Urdapilleta. Tonga need to show something with the ball here.
19'14-0 Conversion - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
18'The Pumas were well set that time and Tonga simply couldn't risk bringing it down once more. The maul is going to be a huge weapon for Argentina for the remainder of this game, you'd expect Montoya could well finish with a hat-trick.
17'There is no stopping it this time and Montoya has a double!
17'Rinse repeat. Again Tonga bring it down. They'll need to be careful here or a player might be headed to the bin. Pumas again kick to corner. Same again.
17'12-0 Try - Julian Montoya , Argentina
16'Penalty Argentina. The Pumas work a maul from the lineout and Tonga are pinged for collapsing. They'll go again here from five metres out, the Pumas.
14'Tonga just get out of trouble there after a spilled pass is toed through by the Pumas. The Tongans are just able to get back and clean up an clear. Hang on, that knock down came off a Pumas arm and Tonga should have had a scrum back up field. Tough break.
14'Substitute on - Cooper Vuna , Tonga
14'Player substituted - Siale Piutau , Tonga
13'That is excellent defence their from the Pumas, led by skipper Siale Piutau who comes up out of the line and nails Jeronimo de la Fuente. The Pumas have no choice but to go to the air and while they get a loose ball, skipper Pablo Matera then hacks in straight out on the full and we'll come back for a Tongan lineout just inside their own half.
11'The two teams engage in a kicking battle of sorts before Pumas winger Matias Moroni finds touch just inside Tonga's half.
9'7-0 Conversion - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
8'And the conversion is nailed from the sideline to boot! That is the perfect start for Argentina.
7'Try time Argentina! The Pumas took the gamble and get the result as they work a set-play from the lineout by coming back down the short side for hooker Julian Montoya to score! That was nicely worked by the Pumas, a play they were able to execute because of the great kick and chase which trapped Veainu.
7'5-0 Try - Julian Montoya , Argentina
6'Penalty Argentina. The Pumas will have the first chance at points here, but they decide to kick for the corner. Tonga fullback Telusa Veainu had been trapped inside his 22 and was pinged for holding on.
4'The Pumas look to go wide through their backline, but the final pass to left winger Santiago Carreras is clearly forward which gives a scrum to Tonga.
2'A mistake-riddled first couple of minutes form both teams as Tonga drop the kick-off and give the Pumas an early opportunity to attack, only for the Argentines to hand the ball straight back.
1'Here they are, the two teams have come out together onto a ground which looks to have plenty of blue and white jerseys through it. We'll have the anthems, Tonga's Sipi tau and then we'll be underway in Hanazono.
1'Argentina have made a few changes to their line-up, the biggest of which comes at No. 10 where Benjamin Urdapilleta starts ahead of veteran Nicolas Sanchez. The Stafe Francais fly-half is on the bench should the Pumas get into some trouble but it's not a bad idea giving him a bit of a rest ahead of next week's huge clash with England
1'Hello and welcome to our live commentary of Argentina's clash with Tonga at the Rugby World Cup, the first of five matches across this second weekend of the tournament. The Pumas will be looking to bounce back after last week's thrilling loss to France, while an injury-hit Tonga must regroup and do what they can to trouble the South Americans. Stay with us as we bring you all the build-up from Hanazono.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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