Michael Collins is in France ... what could go wrong?!

Tiger Mania -- well, golf mania in general -- shifts from the Tour Championship in the States to the Ryder Cup in France. And our own Michael Collins is taking it all in. Ready to take a ride along with America's Caddie? Let's go!


'Orange Justice' hits the Ryder Cup

MC shows his sons, and the world, that he still has the moves:

Akshay Bhatia, star of the U.S. Junior Ryder Cup team, teaches me how to do the "Orange Justice" from Fortnite... he did this dance at Disneyland Paris!!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

Will Tiger don a new 'do? MC makes his suggestion

Both myself and Scott Van Pelt have tried to talk Tiger Woods into shaving his head, Tiger continues to seek alternative solutions to baldness! This was Justin Thomas' contribution. Photo credit-Getty Images.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

So who are you backing, Michael?

Like I said on SportsCenter, when it comes to The Ryder Cup, I don't do neutral!!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

Look how former tour pro and current French journalist Thomas Levet tries to come between the U.S.A. vibe Brooks Koepka and I have going! We win!!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

Caddie Corner, 'Wee Man' edition

Craig "Wee Man" Connelly describes what it was like caddying the 18th hole at Medinah in 2012 when his man Martin Kaymer won the Ryder Cup for Europe.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago


Did someone say dessert?

Yes, yes they did.

When Michael Collins only knows two words on a menu in France, that's what he orders. And yes, banana split is banana split in French.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com2y ago

Sworn in as a Marshall

Deputized in France? Oh yeah! By the American Marshalls aka the 13th Man.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

Caddie Corner returns!

Is there anything "easy" about caddying in the Ryder Cup? What's the best caddie "swag"? Give up the goods Kessler Karain!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

Anyone up for a Ryder Cup job swap?

Trying out a new way to do a news conference ... get the players to ask the questions!

Jordan Spieth waiting his turn as Bubba Watson is on stage. "It's kinda boring on this side." Jordan joked to me.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

"I'm gonna use bigger words." Spieth to Bubba. "Did you graduate college?" Bubba retorts. "Did you?" asks Jordan. "Yeah, I did. Went back when I was putting bad, just in case." Bubba's got him. "I didn't know that." Spieth concedes. U.S. team smack talk, Bubba 1 - Spieth 0!!

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

'Michael, you know what I'm talking about'

Before Phil Mickelson's press conference officially began Tuesday, America's Caddie got a shout-out from the 12-time Ryder Cup team member:

So MC showed exactly what he's talking about:

Hey Phil, all you gotta do is bring the coffee!!! To my man @PhilMickelson and to my co-host @MattBarrie

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago


Wearing the appropriate attire

France is the perfect place to spread the Philly fandom, right? Right?!

Driving in one of the world's craziest intersections

"Nope, nothing to see here. ... This is why you purchase the insurance on your rental car."

Appreciating the art (kind of)

The fans, baby ... the fans

MC ran into a few Team Europe fans during the practice rounds here at Le Golf National. Expect even more great fan wear throughout the week.

He loves the Team USA fans, too. He's bipartisan in his Ryder Cup fan fandom.

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Dressed for success in France. @rydercupusa

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The stars were out, as well

Sports stars and celebrities including Michael Phelps, Nick Jonas and others took part in Tuesday's Ryder Cup Celebrity Match at Le Golf National.

That's John McEnroe putting on his team jacket while Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson try to figure out how close the U.S. team is to winning. Greg Kinnear (blue glove) watches the 18th hole.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago

That's Greg Kinnear, Luke Wilson, and James Blake sitting behind the 18th hole watching the rest of the American celebrity team finish.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer2y ago