Daniel Ricciardo set for grid penalty in Monza

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Daniel Ricciardo will face a grid penalty at this weekend's Italian Grand Prix after Red Bull team boss Christian Horner confirmed a new power unit would be fitted to his car.

Ricciardo has used three of each power unit component already this year and had to take a grid drop at the German Grand Prix when Red Bull fitted the third MGU-K, battery and control electronics on his car. A new power unit in Italy will see him take an additional grid drop -- most likley to the very back -- while teammate Max Verstappen will be able to take new components without suffering a penalty.

The engine changes have been planned for Monza in the hope both Red Bull drivers can avoid a penalty when they arrive at the next round in Singapore, where Red Bull is hoping to be more competitive.

"We will be trying to get ourselves on the best footing really," Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said. "Daniel is going to be taking an engine penalty for sure next weekend.

"Max will be taking his third unit as well there, hopefully without penalty. So we're going to try and get ourselves into the best situation we can going to Singapore, which is probably our next chance of being able to give Ferrari and Mercedes a harder time."

After two wins in the first six rounds, Ricciardo's season has unravelled lately with three retirement from the last five races. At Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix he was hit from behind on the opening lap and the resulting damage to his rear wing put him two laps down when he emerged from the pits with repairs.

"Daniel was lucky to get away, but unlucky that it ended, effectively, his race," Horner said. "The boys did an incredible job to get that rear wing turned around. What should take 45 minutes, they did in about 10.

"We put him back in the race, we thought if there was a Safety Car, a bit of rain, you got to be there, so we kept trying."

Red Bull eventually retired Ricciardo on lap 28, meaning he will be allowed to take a new gearbox without penalty in Monza.