Austrian Grand Prix: Radio Ga Ga

Haas puts the midfield on notice in Austria (1:25)

Is Haas finally hitting its full potential after getting both drivers into the top five places at the Austrian Grand Prix? (1:25)

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the Austrian Grand Prix, where Red Bull went from squabbling over qualifying tactics to celebrating a home win in 24 hours, while Mercedes imploded spectacularly on a weekend which seemed to be theirs for the taking.

"Honestly guys what a f---ing idiot! Always the same story with him, it's like the third time this weekend."

Pierre Gasly loses his cool after being held up by Force India's Sergio Perez at the final corner during a lap in Q1.

"Last weekend I was in front, now he's in front -- come on man."
"Max, overtake him mate."
"No. It's discipline!"

Max Verstappen puts his foot down and refuses to move ahead of Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo, to give him a 'tow'. Red Bull would end up backing the Dutchman in the row.

"Maybe think about the strategy or something. I will not do 71 laps here."

Fernando Alonso hints at throwing in the towel early in the race, telling McLaren to help him move the car from the back of the field. A brilliant drive to eighth followed.


Valtteri Bottas cannot believe his bad luck as his car slows to a halt with hydraulic problems.

"I don't get it guys.... I'm not going to be able to pass these guys. Just thrown away a win."

Bottas' retirement would trigger a Mercedes strategy error which shuffled teammate Lewis Hamilton out of the lead by mid-race. The reigning world champion took to his radio to voice his confusion at what was going on at the Mercedes pit-wall.

"Lewis, it's James. I have thrown away the win today but you have the potential and opportunity to get back up... We believe in you. I'm sorry."

That mistake prompted Mercedes head strategist James Vowles to take full responsibility for the strategy error, while trying to get Hamilton's mind back on the task at hand.

"A lot of people nursing to the end here, a lot of people concerned." "OK. I'm feeling good, so don't worry."

Verstappen sounds calm and collected in the car as he closes in on his fourth career victory....

"Ahh! Yes! Hahaha! Ah, this feeling f---ing good!"

...And then lets the emotion pours out after taking the chequered flag.

"Mate, when you're going to see the rear tyres bro! Oh man! Wooohooo. Theyre blistered like you've never seen."

Haas driver Romain Grosjean cannot believe he made it to the end for Haas' best ever finish -- fourth place -- having nursed his blistering rear tyres to the end of the race.

"Well done guys, you deserve this. Justice for Australia. Now we're back!"

Grosjean's teammate Kevin Magnussen congratulates the team for its best result since joining F1 in 2016.