Lewis Hamilton: Thinking we aren't good enough is the first sign of weakness

Social story of the Canadian Grand Prix (1:00)

Revisit the Canadian Grand Prix through the eyes of social media, as Sebastian Vettel maintained his lead to the chequered flag. (1:00)

Lewis Hamilton is still confident Mercedes has the capability of giving him a car capable of winning this year's title.

Hamilton only managed fifth at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve after managing an overheating engine issue which resulted in him having intermittent losses of power. His problems were compounded by the fact that main title rival Sebastian Vettel claimed a dominant win in Montreal meaning the German now leads the drivers' championship by a single point.

Despite Ferrari appearing to have the upper hand over Mercedes in 2018, Hamilton stressed the importance of putting these things to the back of his mind and the need for a strong mentality if he is to win a fifth title.

"I don't let that get into my mind, no,'' Hamilton replied when asked whether he had concerns his Mercedes wouldn't be strong enough to allow him to win the title. "That will be the first sign of weakness and my mind is not weak. I am still here to win. I still believe that we can win. I've got the complete confidence in my guys and I am putting that energy towards them.

"The moment anybody in any sport, and I would imagine also in business but if you imagine like in Tennis or Golf or whatever, if you look across the net and you think damn it I might lose this, you've already lost. It doesn't matter where I start on the grid, I don't look at any driver and say 'oh I might lose to that person'. I am like how can I beat them? How can I be better? I am going to keep doing that until I die.''

Given the potential for unpredictability in Formula One and engine reliability likely to become more of a factor come the business end of the season, Hamilton was aware of the importance of getting his car home to the finish.

"You've got the Red Bulls that every now and then are in the mix. Ferraris have so far been, I would say the most consistent but there's a lot of races to come. These engines have to go a long way. There's going to be things happening that we just don't even know, what, when.

"That's why I am just taking this one. I am really grateful for this day, while it's ultimately not a great performance from us and we would want more points. We'd look back in ten races time and say that we actually had a fifth, it wasn't an eighth, it wasn't a DNF, I think I will be grateful for it.''