Fernando Alonso's winter training regime in numbers

Alonso tests Toyota he will use at Le Mans in 2018 (1:45)

oyota Gazoo's Fernando Alonso insists he cannot wait to drive his Toyota at Le Man which he feels accelerates like a rocket ship. (1:45)

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso says he is ready for the start of the 2018 season after posting details of his winter training regime on social media.

Alonso will drive his new F1 car, the MCL33, for the first time at pre-season testing in just under two weeks' time and has spent the last two and a half months preparing for the start of the 2018 F1 season.

Since December 1, Alonso has clocked up 1,820km on a bike, 437km of running, 59km of swimming, 60 hours in the gym and playing sports and 30 hours in a go-kart ... not to mention his participation in the Daytona 24 Hours at the end of January.

"It has been a very intense few weeks of preparation," he said. "Very hard training this year for the new season, it is only one week on Friday I am going to the factory at McLaren to see the new car -- one week until we launch the new McLaren. I miss my team, I miss my guys -- mechanics and engineers -- and I'm really looking forward to seeing them on Friday. Very excited, very happy and completely ready. One hundred percent ready."

After three seasons in F1's midfield using uncompetitive engines, Alonso is hoping McLaren can challenge for podiums again now that it has a supply of Renault engines. He also faces his most gruelling season of racing to date after signing up to race in all rounds of the World Endurance Championship with Toyota as well as the full F1 season with McLaren.