Lewis Hamilton explains dip in form at final two races of 2017

Brawn backs Mercedes 'steamroller' to continue in 2018 (1:38)

Ross Brawn believes Mercedes will continue to dominate next season and he feels the sport must look at how it can improve overtaking for the future. (1:38)

Lewis Hamilton admits he let his preparation for the final two races of 2017 slip after securing the title in Mexico, but has vowed to start next season on top form.

After winning the title with a ninth-place finish at the Mexican Grand Prix, Hamilton failed to secure pole position or the victory at either of the remaining two races. In Brazil he spun off during qualifying before battling back to fourth and in Abu Dhabi he was outperformed by Valtteri Bottas in both qualifying and the race.

Hamilton experienced the same slide in results when he won the title with three rounds remaining in 2015, but he insists it is not a worry for the start of the 2018 season next March.

"There's zero concern," he said. "I think it's clear that something happens after you win the championship and all I can say is that the week after I won the championship I partied a lot with my family and celebrated, and that's what you do.

"I can also tell you that before all the other races that was not the case. Sleep and energy was definitely different at the last couple of races, but nonetheless I still tried to approach them the same. I'm not worried about that and next year it will go back to how it was at the start of the season."

Hamilton says his relationship with Mercedes has improved this season and believes that contributed to securing the results necessary to win his fourth world championship.

"Each year I'm growing and my understanding of life, the decisions you make and ways of engaging with other people has grown. I would definitely think that over these last years my confidence is growing in terms of my approach and how I go about my business.

"I wouldn't say I feel any more secure -- I'm not a particularly insecure person and that hasn't been an issue in the past -- but I would say the positive has been the reassurance of the team's commitment to me this season, starting off with Toto and then down [through the team].

"The positive response I've had from the team when I've engaged with this year has been the fundamental positive in getting the results we've had. I'm really excited to continue on my journey with the team and to continue to improve on that working aspect."