Button: IndyCar scares me and Formula E doesn't excite me

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Former F1 driver Jenson Button has no interest in racing in IndyCar, admitting that he finds the series scary.

Button went on a sabbatical from Formula One this year, but despite a one-off race in Monaco says he has no plans for a full-time return. However, he is not done racing and is currently weighing up his options over a new start in a different series next year.

His one-off return in Monaco came about after McLaren driver Fernando Alonso opted to race the Indy 500 in May, but Button has made clear he does not want to do the same. In the last six years two of Button's former rivals in go-karts - Dan Wheldon and Justin Wilson - have died racing in the series and the 2009 F1 champion says the risk is too high for him to consider a switch.

"No interest really," he said. "I mean IndyCar, there's some great drivers racing there but it scares the s--- out of me. I'm amazed that they still race. Very brave guys but I wouldn't touch that. I don't feel that's necessary at this point of my career."

Many ex-F1 drivers have moved to Formula E, but Button says the all-electric racing series is not for him.

"Formula E, I think it definitely has its place, it's great for manufacturers, the technology that is being used -- it's definitely going to keep going. It's amazing how fast it's grown and the people getting involved, the teams, the manufacturers, the drivers, but again, it's not something that excites me.

"I want to go racing and have fun, I want to hear the engine, I want to hear it roar and I want to drive something that's got 600 horsepower plus.

"It's what I grew up with. I used to go places like Donington or Castle Combe and you'd see these crazy-arsed cars racing. A Porsche turbo with 900 horsepower racing a Mini which is like as wide as it is long with a big crazy engine in it.

"That's what I love, the power and drivers just totally out of control the whole time. I feel that Formula E is very different to that but it definitely has its place and I can see why it attracts a lot of drivers. Obviously it's a category that you can earn well in too and that's always going to attract racing drivers."

Button now spends a large proportion of his time living with his girlfriend Brittny Ward in California and says the IMSA GT series in the U.S.A. holds some appeal.

"I love the fact that they all get the same, well, there's a selection of tubs that they can race with and they can make it their own with their aerodynamic package and power unit, and there's a few manufacturers racing there and that's great. It's definitely a growing motorsport in America.

"The GT category is great but I'm not sure I could be in a car being overtaken by the P2 cars. That's something I can't get my head around. I'd love to do Le Mans at some point but I'm not sure it's the right time to jump in and do it.

"Again, I think the LMP2 category is awesome, I think it's great, there's so many teams, there's a lot of talented drivers but you have P1. So I don't know, I just can't get my head around racing a car that is 20 seconds slower than something else."