Fact or fiction? The predictions of Eddie Jordan

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Team-owner-turned-TV-pundit Eddie Jordan has quite the reputation for making accurate predictions about the future of Formula One. With the colourful Irishman recently angering Toto Wolff with the prediction Mercedes is set to walk away from Formula One at the end of 2018, we at ESPN thought we would look back at Jordan's track record and whether his reputation is deserved.

Schumacher to join Brawn/Mercedes in 2010 - True

Eddie Jordan joined the BBC's Formula One coverage in 2009 and started his reputation for enjoying some sort of F1 clairvoyance with the claim Michael Schumacher -- who had retired in 2006 as a seven-time world champion -- would return the following year with Brawn GP, who were to be re-branded as Mercedes.

The German had nearly returned that year with Ferrari in place of the injured Felipe Massa, only for a lingering neck injury to scupper that plan. Having had his passion for F1 reignited, Schumacher returned with the German manufacturer as Nico Rosberg's partner in 2010, just as Jordan predicted.

Hamilton will join Mercedes in 2013 - True

This is very much Jordan's crowning moment as a pundit. The Ulsterman caused a stir ahead of the 2012 Italian Grand Prix while working for the BBC, boldly predicting Lewis Hamilton would end his life-long affiliation with McLaren and move to Mercedes. At the time, it seemed an outlandish suggestion -- Mercedes was a step down the grid for the British driver and most experts speculated the 2008 world champion had made a big mistake.

Of course, Jordan's prediction turned out to be bang on the money, as did Hamilton's decision to switch teams. His move came just before the V6 turbo era Mercedes has utterly dominated, while McLaren has not won a race since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, which also happened to be Hamilton's final appearance for the team.

'Raikkonen wants Ferrari return' - True

Kimi Raikkonen's future was a hot topic in 2013 and, after calling Red Bull's decision to sign Daniel Ricciardo as Mark Webber's replacement, Jordan predicted the Finn would go back to the team he won his world championship with in 2007. A year earlier Raikkonen had returned to Formula One after a two-year sabbatical and had claimed a win in either season with Lotus, at Abu Dhabi in 2012 and Australia in 2013. As Raikkonen's relationship with Lotus crumbled, his return to Ferrari for 2014 was confirmed, putting him alongside Fernando Alonso.

Volkswagen will buy Red Bull - False

The Red Bull team was in a mess during the 2015 campaign; off the pace, at war with engine supplier Renault and frequently threatening to quit the sport. With Red Bull actively looking for a different engine than Renault after that year's summer break, Jordan threw another name into the mix by claiming Volkswagen was on the verge of a takeover.

Rumours of VW and Audi entering F1 with Red Bull were nothing new but Jordan's assertion, plus the resignation of Ferdinand Piech -- a long-time opponent of the German manufacturer entering F1 -- from the VW Board gave this story a lot of credibility. In the end, a deal never materialised as the emissions scandal broke and VW cut back its motorsport programme significantly. Christian Horner joking that "sometimes he gets it wrong too!" in reference to Jordan. He had on this occasion -- after sounding out the other three manufacturers about a deal, Red Bull continued its Renault partnership, albeit with the rebranded TAG Heuer engines it still runs today.

Bernie Ecclestone will retire... in late 2016 - False

With F1 moving towards a takeover by Liberty Media, speculation about the future of Bernie Ecclestone was rife in late 2016. While most expected F1's new-owners-to-be would phase Ecclestone out of power slowly, Jordan had other ideas, suggesting during the Italian Grand Prix weekend that Ecclestone was planning to retire before the next race in Singapore.

The prediction turned out to be inaccurate, with Ecclestone remaining in charge until the end of the year. He was shuffled out of power when Liberty completed its takeover in January this year, meaning Jordan was at least right to assume the octogenarians long run in charge of the sport was coming to an end.

McLaren has signed a Mercedes engine deal for 2018 - Unknown

Honda's baffling failure to produce a competitive F1 engine for the third year in a row prompted the biggest story of the year -- Fernando Alonso to the Indy 500. It has also created intense scrutiny about the viability of McLaren's partnership with Honda, which is contracted to run until 2025.

With rumours of a return to Mercedes surfacing earlier in the year, Jordan boldly claimed in April that a deal had already been done for 2017 -- something which was categorically denied by both McLaren and Mercedes in the following days.

Mercedes is looking to sell the team and quit F1 in 2018 - Unknown

Jordan's most recent prediction -- that the world champions are planning to quit F1 at the end of 2018 -- angered Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. It's a prediction he's made twice this year, with the second one leading to a warning from Wolff to stop spreading what he called "fake news".

Wolff went on to say: "I am ready for any banter with Eddie, but for me I stop laughing when it is about making jokes on the back of 1500 employees that care about their future". He also reiterated that Mercedes has a contract until 2020, when the current Concorde Agreement comes to an end.