Fernando Alonso laughs off Lewis Hamilton's 'strange' opposition to data sharing

Martini/Sutton Images

Fernando Alonso has labelled Lewis Hamilton's opposition to F1 teammates sharing data as "strange", joking the Englishman would be a four-time world champion if he was better at doing it in 2016.

At the launch of Mercedes' W08, Hamilton spoke out against the fact data is freely available to drivers on both sides of any garage -- something he previously raised during the three years he and former teammate Nico Rosberg fought for the title. Hamilton believes a rule against data sharing would be beneficial to F1 fans as drivers would have to rely on their own talent and not a computer screen to overcome a performance deficit.

Alonso does not understand Hamilton's stance on data sharing, especially considering he and Rosberg both used the other's data throughout their time dominating the V6 turbo era when one had a bad session.

"I don't think that is an idea, it was just a thought that has a big repercussion because he's said many times that he was learning from the data," Alonso said when asked about Hamilton's comments. "Mercedes also is one of the teams using more of the data, more with the engineers, to help the drivers. So for this I think it is a little bit strange to hear from him."

Rosberg denied Hamilton a fourth world title -- and a third in a row -- at the season-finale in Abu Dhabi last year, something Alonso was quick to point out.

Finishing his answer, Alonso said: "If he was watching more data from Rosberg last year, maybe he would have won the championship..."