McLaren team manager Dave Redding to join Williams

Sutton Images

Dave Redding has left his role as McLaren's team manager and will join Williams later this year.

A statement on Wednesday confirmed Williams' existing sporting manager Steve Nielsen would help in handing over the role to Redding before moving into a factory-based role.

"From the start, our sporting manager, Steve Nielsen has always been clear about his desire to do less travelling following the end of the 2017 season and we fully understood and respected his request given he has been in travelling roles for over 30 years," deputy team principal Claire Williams said.

"Steve has done a fantastic job since joining the team in 2014, from restructuring the race team to the brilliant work in driving the turnaround of our pitstop performance.

"We can confirm that Dave Redding will join Williams as Team Manager later this year to work alongside Steve to ensure a seamless handover ahead of taking full responsibility for the race team in 2018."

Redding had been McLaren's team manager since 2009 having returned to the team in 2000. Prior to that he had worked for the Stewart Grand Prix team, McLaren as a No.1 mechanic and Benetton.