Alonso: Next time I'll hit Vettel

Sutton Images

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Fernando Alonso says he will make contact with Sebastian Vettel if the Ferrari driver repeats the move he pulled on him at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Vettel passed Alonso for seventh place on lap 42 at Interlagos, forcing the McLaren driver wide at the exit of Juncao and on to the run-off area. Alonso immediately complained over team radio, but race director Charlie Whiting saw no need to launch a stewards' investigation into the move.

Talking about the incident after the race, Alonso issued a warning to Vettel telling him not to attempt a similar move in the future.

"I don't think there will be any action against Vettel today, as they [the stewards] haven't said anything yet," Alonso said. "There was a tarmac run-off and I just used it, but if there was a wall for sure I would either have to hit the wall or hit him, which is what I'll do next time. I'll hit him and he'll lose more points than me."

Arguably, Alonso could have backed off, but he maintained Vettel was in the wrong.

"In the rain we don't have the same visibility as in the dry, the mirrors were wet too, so I couldn't see anything behind me. In the end nothing happened, I went down the tarmac run-off but there will come a day in which someone will have to hit him so that he understands the track is for all of us."

Alonso finished the race tenth after a spin at the final restart behind the safety car and believes his car was capable of a lot more.

"There were quite a few mistakes today, many spins, I had my own that cost me a lot of places, but visibility was low. Starting 10th in a chaotic race should have given us the possibility to do better than 10th at the end.

"It was a very stressful race for everybody, the only thing you had to do was to keep the car on the road, so it was difficult, but we got a point and now there's just one race to go."