Fernando Alonso's grid penalty increases to 45 places

Goria/Sutton Images

SEPANG, Malaysia -- Fernando Alonso has incurred a further 15-place grid penalty after McLaren-Honda fitted extra new components to his car ahead of final practice.

Alonso already had a 30-place penalty after Honda ran its upgraded engine in his car during Friday practice, but was always scheduled to revert to his previous engine for qualifying and the race. However, Honda have now opted to fit the older engine with a new turbocharger (his eighth of the year) and new MGU-H (his ninth), resulting in an extra 15-place penalty and penalty of 45 places in total.

Honda has confirmed both Alonso and Jenson Button will run its updated exhaust for the race, which is designed to improve efficiency and therefore boost power. Only Alonso ran the updated exhaust on Friday, but both drivers will benefit from it for the rest of the weekend. Although Alonso will start Sunday's race from the back of the grid, he will then be able to use Honda's new lighter engine block without penalty in Japan.