Red Bull now fully focused on 2017 car

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says the team has shifted all its focus to 2017 and Formula One's next generation of cars.

Next year's regulation changes will significantly alter the look and speed of F1, with wider cars and fatter Pirelli tyres expected to lead to a dramatic reduction in lap times. Big rule changes have traditionally led to a shake-up of the pecking order and 2017's should place more importance on aerodynamics, an area Red Bull has traditionally excelled.

Asked about upgrades for this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix, Horner said: "We have a few little bits and pieces. Now the whole factory is focused on 2017. There are little bits and pieces [for the 2016 car] but nothing major."

Red Bull's strongest race of the season was on another street circuit at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Daniel Ricciardo took a maiden career podium, only for a botched pit stop to cost him victory. Despite going into the summer break on a high, Red Bull struggled at the Italian Grand Prix last time out, though Horner does not think that is representative of what the team should expect this weekend.

"It is a different type of circuit," he said. "We expect to be stronger. Hopefully we can get closer to Ferrari and give them a harder time than we did in Monza.

"Monza is a pure horsepower circuit, slow-speed corners, long straights, so it's very clear where things are at. We're in a better position to where we were 12 months ago, but there is still some way to go to close that down.

"But we know that there are circuits coming up which should suit more the characteristics of our car. Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico are theoretically all tracks which should be reasonable for us."

Williams technical chief Pat Symonds recently revealed Red Bull had a big say in "styling" the finer details of next year's cars.