Romain Grosjean on blue flags: We're fighting for points as well

Charles Coates/Getty Images

Romain Grosjean believes there is no easy solution when it comes to obeying blue flags and says the situation is "never going to be ideal".

Haas teammate Esteban Gutierrez has come under fire in recent races for the way he has dealt with being lapped, after appearing to hold up Lewis Hamilton during the Hungarian Grand Prix, before Daniel Ricciardo criticised Gutierrez in Germany.

Explaining his own experiences from Hockenheim, Grosjean says he can sympathise with Gutierrez after losing nearly three seconds when allowing Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to lap him.

"It depends on the case," the Frenchman said. "When [the leaders] are coming on new tyres or the same tyres and they're faster it's easy. [In Germany] I had Vettel behind me and he was about two tenths faster because he was on old tyres and I was on super-softs so of course it would take him 10 laps to close a two-second gap.

"I did a few laps in front and then we had a warning from Charlie [Whiting, Formula One race director] and I let him by but it cost us 2.6 seconds in one straight line so that was a lot of time lost. You are not happy because you're fighting to go to the points as well -- but they are the leaders -- there is no right or wrong answer."

Grosjean revealed the issue had been brought up in the drivers' briefing ahead of the German Grand Prix, with a number of potential solutions discussed.

"We discussed about doing a one-second threshold and let him [the faster car] by early, which I think could be a good idea. Some are not in favour. It's never going to be ideal," Grosjean said.

"I think I would like a blue flag system which is in function on the speed delta in between the cars. If they are one second faster per lap, then the two-second mark is fine.

"But if they are only two tenths faster per lap -- you see them in the mirrors and they are miles away and not catching up -- so you're like 'Why should I let them by?' But that would be a tough software [to implement]."