Esteban Gutierrez surprised by Daniel Ricciardo's blue flag comments

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Esteban Gutierrez was surprised to hear Daniel Ricciardo's criticism of his driving under blue flags during the German Grand Prix.

During his drive to second Ricciardo had complained about Gutierrez holding him up late in the race, later saying the Haas driver was the worst of the grid at obeying blue flags when he's about to be lapped. Gutierrez, who missed out on points in 11th, had not heard about the criticism until his media session after the race and said he had not intended to hold up the Red Bull driver.

"Daniel was not happy? Ok. I will speak to him," the Mexican said when told. "I'm surprised because I saw other people in front. I saw he was behind, of course, but he was pretty far away at that time and then at that point I lifted and lost about two seconds.

"I did my best, it was not my intention to block or anything. But if he is not comfortable about it I am going to speak to him because it's not my intention to do anything bad to anyone."

Gutierrez was criticised in Hungary for holding up Lewis Hamilton, who gestured angrily at him while lapping him. Gutierrez felt that had been a disrespectful act but said Hamilton had spoken to him in Germany - but added that he had not been warned about blue flags by other drivers, as Ricciardo claimed.

"There was my discussion with Lewis, but apart from that... I got penalised, what else can you do? I had the consequence [in Hungary], today I wasn't penalised. There was nothing wrong, it's not that I was blocking, OK he was behind but he was not closing.

"If he's two seconds behind and I lift and I lose four seconds it makes the difference to my points. So I have to protect as well my own interests. Obviously not affecting the other people and that's where the difference is made sometimes."

Asked if Hamilton had offered an apology for his rude gesture, he said: "Yes he did, and I explained as well that I've never been penalised for that. I was actually, very often, told by the team that I was too easy [to pass under blue flags]. So I said OK, I'm going to try to do my best, you want to try and lose the least time possible.

"It's part of the race. You are fighting, doing your best. I was on super-soft tyres, [Ricciardo] was catching me very slowly and then when I saw that he was one second behind or something I really backed off and let him by in Turn 2, I think it was."