Christian Horner: Adrian Newey excited by 2017 regulations

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Red Bull designer Adrian Newey is excited about the 2017 aerodynamic regulations, according to team principal Christian Horner.

Since 2014, Newey has been working on other projects alongside his F1 role, including the concept for Aston Martin's new AM-RB 001 hypercar, which was unveiled on Tuesday. Newey has often said F1's current set of regulations are too restrictive, but Horner says the new rulebook for 2017 has reinvigorated his star designer.

"I think he's excited by the regulation change for 2017 so he's splitting his time very much between the two projects," Horner said. "Once the Aston Martin project is into a detailed design phase he tends to step back at that point. He's very much about the concept, about the aerodynamics, about the layout of the car and he's very heavily involved obviously in the 2017 car as well."

Asked if Newey's focus would shift back towards F1 once the Aston Martin project reaches fruition towards the end of next year, Horner said: "Adrian over the last couple of years has been spending probably about 50% of his time focused on Formula One. We've geared ourselves around utilising his time accordingly.

"I think his time during any week or month varies. It depends what the priorities are. He has a tremendously high workrate but we have got some enormously capable people on the Formula One team that have had that little bit of breathing space as well. They have used that to great effect with for example the current car."