Bernie Ecclestone: Brexit makes no difference to F1, good for the UK

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Bernie Ecclestone is confident the UK's plans to leave the European Union will not have a negative impact on Formula One.

Eight of F1's 11 teams are based in the UK, with German manufacturer Mercedes basing its team near Brackley and Brixworth, while French manufacturer Renault has its F1 base in Enstone. The links with Europe run deep, but just six of the calendar's 21 races are now held in EU member states.

Ecclestone, who pledged his allegiance to the leave campaign ahead of the referendum, told the Reuters news agency that the decision will have a minimal impact on F1.

"I have been a supporter of this all the way through," he said. "I think it's the best thing. We should be ruling ourselves.

"If we've got something to sell, and it's a good product at the right price, people will buy whether they are Chinese, Italian or German...people will just get over this and get on with their lives."

Ahead of the referendum, McLaren boss Ron Dennis wrote an impassioned letter to the Times arguing for UK to remain in the EU.

"The EU is caricatured by legislation on fruit shapes and health and safety, but that is not what this vote is about," he wrote. "This referendum is a choice between the known and the unknown. The known is contemporary Europe: a diverse but united commercial and cultural powerhouse. The unknown has no model, no measurability and no process. It is undeserving of the word 'alternative'.

"McLaren is based in the UK; more than 3,000 families are affected by our fortunes, as are our British suppliers and their employees. Remaining in Europe is fundamental to the prosperity of the McLaren business."

Dieter Zetsche, the boss of Daimler -- parent company of the Mercedes F1 team in the UK - spoke of his regret over the UK's decision.

"This is not a good day for Europe -- and in my view, certainly not for the UK," Zetsche said. "Geographically, the country may be an island; politically and economically, it is not. It is now even more essential that Europe does not continue to drift further apart. With regard to Daimler, we do not expect any immediate impact."