Bernie Ecclestone holds threat over engine agreement

Renault Sport

Bernie Ecclestone says he will look to tear up Formula One's recent engine agreement if the manufacturers cannot achieve performance convergence.

The FIA announced a new "global agreement" on power unit regulations last week aimed at reducing power unit supply costs by €4 million in two years, ensuring a supply of up-to-date power units for all teams, encouraging performance converge between manufacturers and improving the noise of the engines. Since the introduction of the current V6 turbo hybrids, Mercedes has held an advantage over its rivals which Ferrari, Renault and Honda have struggled to close.

In order to bring about performance convergence in the next two seasons, the FIA will introduce constraints on boost pressure and limit the materials used by manufacturers in their power units. It will also remove the token system for next year, which currently limits the amount of upgrades a manufacturer can bring to the track each season.

The agreement was voted through by the F1 Commission last week, but Ecclestone said he was only really concerned with performance convergence.

"I didn't mind which way it went, it doesn't make any difference to us," he said. "The only thing was that we just wanted the engines to be equal."

Asked if he thought that would happen, he said: "Let's wait and see. If not, it will all be torn up and we will start again with a new set of regulations where the engines might be easier.

"The normally aspirated [V8] engines that we had before were more or less equal. There was little difference and they had more or less reached the maximum. It was just a case of bolting on the hybrid stuff that works, and that's where the problems would start."

Ecclestone said engines would not have become so political if Mercedes or Ferrari had been willing to supply Red Bull with power units this year.

"We wouldn't have had this discussion, and we wouldn't have any problems trying to change anything, had Mercedes or Ferrari agreed to supply Red Bull an engine," he added.