Qualifying stalemate is 'madness' - Toto Wolff


Toto Wolff admits the ongoing farce around F1's qualifying format is "madness" and down to "various agendas" of the people making decisions.

F1 chiefs will meet again on Thursday this week to try and decide on the format for the rest of the season after failing to agree to change on Sunday in Bahrain. The only thing agreed is that the unpopular live elimination format, adopted controversially at the start of the year, must be scrapped.

Teams were pushing for a return to the 2015 format but the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone are determined to find a new system which will mix up the grid. One of the new formats on the table is a system which would see qualifying decided by an aggregate of two timed laps, though it is believed there are several proposals up for discussion this week.

On Saturday Wolff had said anyone blocking a change should be "publicly crucified" in the paddock but F1 left the Bahrain Grand Prix without a resolution.

When asked what was going on following Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes boss Wolff said: "Simple explanation? Madness. I'm the wrong one to be answering your question.

"I think we have expressed our opinion and I think all teams have the opinion that we need to be coming back to 2015 but there are various agendas and the meeting [on Sunday] morning showed that it is not an easy one so I can't really help you. Last time I told you, I was totally wrong..."