Mercedes and Ferrari take different allocations to Bahrain

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Mercedes and Ferrari have opted for different allocations of tyre compounds for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Like it did in Australia, Pirelli is bringing the medium, soft and super-soft compounds to Bahrain under the new 2016 regulations. While one of each compound is set aside by Pirelli (a medium and soft set for the race, a super-soft set for qualifying) teams and drivers get to select the remaining 10 sets available. Of the three compounds, two must be used during the race.

Mercedes has opted for an aggressive allocation, with six sets each of the soft and super-soft tyre, opting for just one set of medium tyres. It spent the majority of winter testing on the medium tyre so will have more data about that compound than any other team. Under the new rules, having one set of mediums means it will only be available to the world champions as a race tyre.

By contrast, Ferrari has opted for three medium, four soft and six super-soft. There are some interesting differences around the grid, with Renault, Max Verstappen and Haas driver Esteban Gutierrez taking a similar approach to Mercedes with one set of mediums.

A few teams have split their strategies between its drivers -- Toro Rosso, Sauber and Haas have all got different numbers for either of its drivers. The full list for Bahrain is as follows:

Unlike the newly tweaked qualifying format, the new tyre regulations had a successful debut in Australia, opening up the range of strategies available to the teams.