Kimi Raikkonen: Testing can be 'painful'

Sutton Images

Kimi Raikkonen is not concerned by the lack of mileage he and Ferrari achieved at this week's Barcelona test compared to main rivals Mercedes.

Raikkonen completed 158 laps over two days and Ferrari managed just over half the mileage of rivals Mercedes. With a radically different car this year, Ferrari has clearly focused on aspects other than pure reliability testing and Raikkonen said the difference in mileage is not a concern.

"Why should I be worried?" Raikkonen said. "It is something that some other people do, and we do our own stuff. Obviously we would like to have done more laps; it was almost one day out of two [off the track].

"But it is a part of testing and we are getting ready to go racing, if there are some issues of some things to change or try, we will do it. It is up to us to make sure we are in the right position when we start racing.

"As always with a new car you have certain things you have to try, and test, and you have to be safe with a thing like that, and check everything very well. It takes time, it is painful, but it is better to check them well than have some big problems if you have not checked.

"It was a normal day. Obviously we would have liked to have run a bit more. We lost yesterday morning and this afternoon quite a bit of time, but that is part of a new car and testing, so it is getting there."

Raikkonen is sure there is much more to come from the Ferrari at next week's test.

"To get the first feeling of the car and I am sure that there is a lot of potential. It feels better than last year's package, and that was the aim. It is very early days, and we have not done a lot of set-up work with it. For sure we can improve it, so we are just doing the normal work."