Haas: 'We are going to this party without really knowing what it's like'

Keith Sutton/Sutton Images

Haas is expecting to make "tons of mistakes" in its first year in Formula One but is confident it will eradicate most of them by its second season in 2017.

Haas is joining the grid as a new team this year with drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez lined up to pilot a Ferrari-powered Dallara-built chassis. It has been working closely with Ferrari in the development of its car but is still expecting to struggle as a result of its inexperience this year.

"It will be a building experience," team owner Gene Haas told Sports Business Daily. "We are going to this party without really knowing what it's like. We can sit there and watch what other people do but there's nothing like being there. That's going to be the experience."

Haas said there is only so much his team can prepare for ahead of its first race.

"I think we are prepared, I think we will do well at it but you have to really be there to learn it. All the reading you can do and talking to other people, the challenge is being able to do it. I'm sure we will make tons of mistakes, correct those mistakes and be better prepared for each race.

"After we are done with those 21 races [this] year, we will have a whole year behind us and our notebook will be full of what we need to know. And we will do better after that."