Max Verstappen has no preference over future destination

Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Max Verstappen has declared his ambition to win multiple Formula One championships and says it "doesn't matter with which team it is" with.

The Toro Rosso starlet has just completed his successful rookie campaign, which saw him finish 4th in Hungary and the U.S. The 18-year-old has already been linked with future drives at Mercedes and Ferrari and could play a major role in the driver market this year ahead of the 2017 season.

Though firmly tied to the Red Bull driver programme for the time being Verstappen says he does not have ambitions to win titles with one team more than any other.

"My ultimate dream is just to become world champion, and not only once" Verstappen told Sky Sports News. "So that's my dream and it doesn't matter with which team it is."

Verstappen was the best rookie in the 2015 season, a pool of drivers which included Toro Rosso team-mate Carlos Sainz. However, the Dutch teenager is not getting carried away with that achievement and wants to measure himself against the grid's more experienced drivers.

"To be honest, I never compare myself with the rookies. It's not really a championship, but definitely it's always nice to be on top of it and to score the most points. But you want to compare yourself with the best of the best and that's definitely the more experienced guys."

Verstappen has been confirmed alongside Sainz for another year at Toro Rosso next season, when the team will run year-old Ferrari engines.