Lewis Hamilton wishes he could have attempted a one-stop

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton wished he could have attempted a one-stop strategy at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after finishing second on a compromised two-stop.

Hamilton qualified behind his team-mate and was second to him throughout the first stint before they both pitted from the super-soft compound to softs. Hamilton then ran ten laps longer than Rosberg in his second stint, and at one stage looked as though he might try to run to the end, but eventually pitted for softs again.

The strategy offered no obvious benefit over Rosberg and Hamilton admitted after the race he would have rather stayed out longer or switched to super-softs.

"In the second stint I was quicker and got in close and we made the tyre work longer, but then after that it was just down to the team whether they went to the option or the other tyre," Hamilton said. "I'm not sure which one was better but the other one was quite good. Some part of me just wishes we had given it a go.

"I think in hindsight once Nico pitted I would probably have backed off a little bit and I would have made those tyres go a lot longer. The tyres were still fine at the end so I honestly felt I could potentially have taken them to the end. But as that didn't work out, going too long was probably not the right thing to do - but we gave it a try and did the best job I could with it."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff explained that Hamilton's engineers had been allowed to run whatever strategy they saw fit after the team was criticised in Brazil, but said ultimately the tyres did not have the life to make it work.

"It was an offset strategy and it was worth a consideration -- go a bit longer and see how that pans out. If he had made that tyre last then he could have gone for the option and that would have been a real goal for him to win the race. The tyre didn't last and then he went into the third best [strategy] option and obviously that was not optimum."

Asked why Hamilton did not fit the super-soft at the end, Wolff added: "We were afraid or worried that super-soft wouldn't work until the end. We saw some massive drop off and we saw that in the first stint it only lasted nine or so laps on full fuel and at the end it would have been 15 laps to go and it could have fallen off the cliff. As a result it could have been worse."