Lewis Hamilton uncomfortable with car changes since Singapore

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton says there have been changes to the Mercedes W06 since the Singapore Grand Prix which have shifted momentum in favour of Nico Rosberg.

Despite winning the championship at the U.S. Grand Prix Hamilton has been beaten by his team-mate at the last two races, and also lost out on five consecutive pole positions. Hamilton points to changes originally made in Singapore which have suited Rosberg more than himself.

"Since Singapore, there have been some changes to our car which seem to have shifted the direction of the ways, so I need to figure out why that is and how I can get back on it," Hamilton admitted in Brazil. "I have to try and improve in qualifying. Something has shifted in the car, I guess I have been a little bit less comfortable with it. I have only just noticed that is the only thing that has changed since things have changed, so maybe I need to go and do some studying and see what I can do to change that."

Some have speculated Hamilton is referring to the minimum tyre pressures Pirelli enforced after the Belgian Grand Prix. However, Hamilton took pole and claimed victory at the following race at Monza, before seeing his qualifying form drop off after Mercedes' bizarre loss of performance in Singapore.

Despite securing his second championship in a row this year Hamilton realises the value of the upcoming winter break and is determined to rectify his form ahead of the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

"These next months are going to be really important and going to Abu Dhabi trying to get back on top of that. I have not lost any pace. I will be working hard for the next couple of weeks."