'This is the team I want' - Maurizio Arrivabene

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Maurizio Arrivabene believes Ferrari has now matured into the team he had hoped to build since the start of the season.

Arrivabene took over as team principal at the end of last year and under his watch Ferrari has returned to winning ways while achieving its pre-season goal of two victories in 2015. But it was at the Belgian Grand Prix that Arrivabene was really impressed by the spirit of his team, despite it scoring just six points after Sebastian Vettel suffered a tyre blow out and Kimi Raikkonen had to fight back to seventh following a oil pressure problem in qualifying.

"The beauty, if you want to call it beauty, of the race [in Spa] is that I saw a great team during all this weekend," Arrivabene said. "On Friday and Saturday we had a lot of problems and they dealt with them in a fantastic way. This is the team that I want.

"That's the first point, the second point is that the two drivers were really doing their job. Seb was fighting like a lion and this is the type of driver that I like to have in my team. Kimi as well, with his race from the back of the grid, he was gaining positions and he finished in seventh place. If I have to be positive, I think the good signal is that the team was growing and now it is here.

Arrivabene said the last two races had proven the strength and resilience of the team.

"I'm proud of the work these guys have done in terms of reaction in front of many issues. The first signal was in Hungary - it's true that my press conference in Hungary was with a bit more smile on the face - but even there on Friday we were really struggling and the work they have done was unbelievable."