Relationship with Lewis Hamilton can 'change quickly' - Nico Rosberg

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Nico Rosberg is wary that his relationship with Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton has the potential to turn sour very quickly.

In 2014 the pair fell out following a series of events that culminated in Rosberg crashing into Hamilton at the Belgian Grand Prix. This year there have been fewer flashpoints between the two team-mates, but with half the season to go and a deficit of 17 points between Hamilton and Rosberg, the German believes the situation could quickly change.

"The [flashpoints] are just between the two drivers, otherwise everything is the same," Rosberg told F1i. "The atmosphere was great last year and it is again this year. It's just more relaxed at the moment between the two of us, but it can change very quickly."

This year Mercedes has had the added threat of Ferrari, but Rosberg says that has not changed the way the team works together.

"No. We've always had a certain amount of commitment towards the team - to help move us all forward, and that's still the same. It's just great to see again that when the team came under pressure from Ferrari we've done better than everybody else; we've moved away.

"It's fantastic the level that we're at. Absolutely the best in every area - even aerodynamics; we're the best team, where some years ago we were not. In every area we're the best."