Drivers react to two races per weekend proposal

Charles Coates/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton would welcome a change to the format of grand prix weekends, but not all his rivals are as supportive of the idea.

Several changes to the sport were proposed at the last Strategy Group meeting, including a shake-up in the order of race weekends. Traditionally, practice takes place on Friday ahead of qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday, but proposals included a sprint race on Saturday to decide the grid for Sunday's grand prix.

"I would be very, very happy for it to change," Hamilton said. "It's been the same weekend for nine years and 300 weekends or something silly, with Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday exactly the same. I would be very happy for them to muddle it up in some way.

"If we can make it more exciting from weekend to weekend it would be cool if it changed. I definitely would say that if it's this format for the next seven years, I don't know if I would be able to take that."

But Sebastian Vettel is wary of taking the focus away from the main event on Sunday and could not resist the urge to poke fun at at the Strategy Group.

"I love racing but I'm very traditional on some things," the Ferrari driver said. "I think a grand prix should be a grand prix, I know it's only talk of a qualifying race, but I think it would take some of the spectacle from Sunday. I think we have different issue to solve rather than implementing a race on Saturdays. Maybe we should think about the real problems like helmet designs!"

Nico Rosberg is behind the idea but also cautious about two races per weekend being too big a break from F1 tradition.

"DTM just did it and I think that was quite successful for them," he said. "It gives more to the fans in the end and we are all here anyways. It's something to look into, so why not?

"The only thing is that I find it a big pity that it goes away from the Formula One tradition, that's the biggest thing that bothers me. It would like suddenly be doing seven grand slams in tennis, it would bother people because tennis has been four grand slams since 50 years and it should stay like that. That's what we need to be careful about."

Jenson Button, meanwhile, dismissed the discussion entirely.

"I don't think that's going to happen. It's not worth commenting on because it's not going to happen."