Driver salaries 'absurd' - Max Mosley

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Former FIA president Max Mosley believes drivers are paid an "absurd" amount in modern Formula One.

As teams struggle for survival at the back of the grid, Mercedes announced a new three-year deal with Lewis Hamilton reportedly worth £100 million. Mosley has long campaigned for F1 to get costs under control and believes the current salaries for top drivers are excessive.

"It is absurd," Mosley told GQ Magazine. "If I was a dictator in the sport, each team would have the same money and you could spend more on the driver or less on the car or vice versa. All the driver worries about is what he earns compared with the other guy."

In the same interview, Mosley said F1 must continue to contribute towards road safety.

"The conventional wisdom was if you made it safe fewer people would watch. The opposite has happened. The reason I care about the safety is because I have seen the consequences. A terrorist incident that kills 10 people is a massive story. Until recently, 10 people were killed on roads every day. America turned the world upside down after 9/11, but more are killed on the road."