Sebastian Vettel on Monaco grid boys: 'What's the point?'

Mirko Stange/Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel took a moment after the Monaco Grand Prix to question the lack of grid girls after they were replaced by male models in Monte Carlo.

Though Formula One usually has a grid girl for every driver before a grand prix, their places were taken by men wearing white TAG Heuer t-shirts and jeans in Monte Carlo. It was the brainchild of Michel Boeri, president of the Automobile Club de Monaco, and appears to have been a one-off for the Monaco race.

In the post-race press conference Vettel made a light-hearted reference to the change.

"Why didn't we have any grid girls today?" Vettel joked. "What was that? F---! You get there and park behind George or Dave. What's the point?"

The grid girl concept is a controversial one and was scrapped altogether by the World Endurance Championship at the start of the 2015 season. At the time, series CEO Gerard Neveu said: "For me, that is the past. The condition of women is a little bit different now."