Daniel Ricciardo: Red Bull considered visibility concerns with canopy

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo says several concerns over Red Bull's cockpit protection concept will be addressed in the final design.

The 'Aeroscreen' is being proposed as an alternative form of cockpit protection to Halo, with the FIA hoping to adopt one of the designs for 2017. Ricciardo will debut the concept during Friday practice for this weekend's Russian Grand Prix and report back on whether it restricts the driver's visibility.

"First impressions are that it seems OK," he said. "Basically the part of the structure is in line with the mirrors, where the mirror structure is, so it does not really block any more vision than what we have already with the mirrors, and the front is pretty open.

"You obviously have the structure of the top, but that is pretty high and out of your eye line anyway. It is one of those things that you definitely put it on track and check, because things change when you move. It is easy to sit in the garage with it, but so far the impression is that it should be okay visibility wise."

Ricciardo said the final design would also feature coated tear-offs that can be removed at pit stops to ensure oil stains do not limit the driver's visibility.

"That is something I asked about. A quick one for now is that during pit stops you will have a tear off system, NASCAR has something similar. Then you can get these coatings on the screens, I guess it works a bit like in the rain with the visor, you have the Rain-X or whatever, and the stuff just floats off. So oils and things like these get dispersed quite quickly, say have stuff like this, so there are few short-term things right now which will be used tomorrow if needed."

Red Bull is planning to complete an installation lap with the 'Aeroscreen' fitted before continuing with the rest of its programme.

"In FP1, I will do an installation lap and I am sure I will get a lot of TV time in the first two minutes, so I better sort my hair in the morning!" Ricciardo added. "I think because it is quite a structure it is going to affect the aero and all that, so it is really just to see if it works and then we will get on with our programme. We have a few things to try on the car tomorrow, so obviously running that will affect it."

Asked about his views on how it looks, Ricciardo said: "I mean sure it is different and it looks different. You are used to seeing helmets sort of pop-up and that is all you can really see of the driver from the spectator [point of view]. But let's see. I have been for it because of the safety thing and I have just said if it does save even one life over the next 20 years, then you're going to take it.

"So for that we just have to be open to a bit of change. Obviously it is different, but at the same time in 2009 the cars changed visually quite a lot. I thought they were ugly as hell, but you got used to them and they sort of refined them and now they look sort of normal again, so I think people will just get on with it. If it is the same for everyone, if we are all running it, I think you will quickly adapt, and as a fan at least you will understand." Asked if it was more elegant the Halo, Ricciardo added: "I will wait until I see it on track. It looks pretty clean for now. I think they've done a pretty good job with it, but we will see how it is when it is going and speed and when the pros get the cameras on it. But yes I think it looks okay. I think for what they have done it is pretty solid."