Kimi Raikkonen on third: 'Not ideal - but I'll take it'

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Kimi Raikkonen admits he could have done no better than third at the Singapore Grand Prix after a race-long struggle with his tyres.

Raikkonen qualified third on Saturday despite a tough qualifying session and converted that into his second podium of the season. He struggled to match the pace of Ferrari team-mate and race-winner Sebastian Vettel or Daniel Ricciardo but thinks third represents a good result considering he had issues with the car.

"I must say out there, Friday was fine for me and then yesterday we struggled for whatever reason, and I didn't expect much better today." Raikkonen said. "So I was a bit surprised to finish third yesterday with how the car felt, and today was a struggle again, but obviously we had enough speed to be in third place but I had no chance to do anything about the first two.

"I could follow them at the beginning, but then once my tyres dropped off, that just went. It wasn't that nice to have those kind of difficulties, but we still finished third. When you have a bad few days and you finish third, it's pretty good, and for the team it's nice as well, so hopefully we'll repeat that."

Raikkonen says he was unable to get anything from the tyres when he had to up his pace.

"Once we had to push I started to struggle, same issues with the rear issues. It was a bit of a tricky race but in the end, with the difficulties we had in the last few days, we still finished third. It was okay - not ideal, but I'll take it. It's a great result for the team and hopefully we can improve on this in all the areas and try to keep it going for longer and longer."