Mental Health Awareness Week 2023: Highlighting experiences, voices in sport

Raya: You can feel alone as a goalkeeper (0:56)

Brentford's David Raya explains why being a goalkeeper is the hardest position in football. (0:56)

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, this May, ESPN highlights the stories of athletes, coaches and other sports figures who have experienced personal battles with mental health, and who want to use their platforms to openly discuss what happened next, and what helped them.

These stories reflect a broad range of subjects and experiences, including life amid the coronavirus pandemic, living with anxiety, depression, coping with pressure in their respective sports, dealing with addiction, and many more.

Why swim the world's most dangerous seas? For mental health -- let Andy Donaldson explain

World record holder Andy Donaldson is aiming to become just the 23rd person to complete the Oceans Seven Challenge, swimming across some of the world's most dangerous seas. Why? In an ongoing effort to raise money and awareness for mental health.

Brentford's David Raya on why being a goalkeeper is the toughest job in football

Brentford's David Raya tells ESPN about the mental pressure for goalkeepers at a time when more focus and expectation is on the position than ever.

Wigan's Steven Caulker hopes lessons from addiction will make him a better manager

On the surface, Wigan defender Steven Caulker has had what most would consider a successful football career, including playing for Great Britain at the Olympics, but gambling and alcohol addictions have dogged his every move.

Chelsea have hired mental skills coach Gilbert Enoka from rugby's All Blacks. Can he help turn their season around?

Chelsea spent £323 million on eight new players in the January transfer window, but the arrival of a barefoot New Zealander could be the Premier League club's most important act of recruitment.

Chalmers hopes speaking out about mental health helps younger athletes

Olympic gold medallist swimmer Kyle Chalmers said he hopes that by speaking out about his struggles over mental health he can inspire the next generation to follow suit.

Czech Republic's Jakub Jankto to stop playing football this season over health concerns

Czech Republic international Jakub Jankto announced he will not play for Sparta Prague anymore this season due to concerns over his health.

Adam Peaty withdraws from British championships to focus on mental health

Three-time Olympic breaststroke champion Adam Peaty missed the British swimming championships in April to focus on his mental health ahead of the 2024 Paris event.

How do sports psychologists view their own rise in sport? It's complicated...

As the stigma around mental health continues to break down, many athletes, coaches and clubs have opened up about using a sport psychologist to support performance. ESPN's Bethan Clargo spoke to three sports psychologists -- Dr. Hannah Stoyel, Rebecca Levett and Dr. Charlotte Chandler -- to find out why they believe the profession is getting so much attention.

Cancer, paralysis, and facing death: David Smith's goal is to live

David Smith won gold for Team GB at the London 2012 Paralympics, but he does not want to be remembered as an Olympic medallist. He told ESPN's Niamh Lewis that facing cancer, death and paralysis has taught him more about living his life than a gold medal did.

Team GB's golden girl Maddie Hinch on mental health: 'There's nothing to be ashamed of'

Team GB goalkeeper Maddie Hinch talks to ESPN's Bethan Clargo about coming to terms with fame and the new-found attention that being an Olympic hero brings in an open and honest discussion about her battle with depression.

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton opens up on mental and emotional struggles

Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton spoke about his mental and emotional struggles, saying in a social media post in March that it was "hard some days to stay positive."

Amelia Kerr: 'If my family didn't get involved, I would still be suffering now'

The New Zealand allrounder talks to ESPN's Valkerie Baynes about how her mental-health break made her appreciate the value of sharing your problems with your loved ones