WNBA Standings - 2010

Women's National Basketball Assoc.

xyz -Seattle StormSEA286.824-17-011-681.873.9+7.9W36-4
x -Washington MysticsWAS2212.647613-49-876.973.3+3.6W68-2
x -New York LibertyNYL2212.647613-49-879.276.0+3.2W19-1
x -Phoenix MercuryPHO1519.441139-86-1193.993.8+0.1L24-6
x -Indiana FeverIND2113.618712-59-878.374.1+4.2L35-5
x -San Antonio Silver StarsSAS1420.412148-96-1176.880.1-3.3W25-5
x -Atlanta DreamATL1915.559910-79-885.483.1+2.3L24-6
x -Los Angeles SparksLOS1321.382158-95-1277.981.2-3.3L15-5
Connecticut SunCT1717.5001112-55-1281.079.9+1.1L14-6
Minnesota LynxMIN1321.382157-106-1178.782.1-3.4W15-5
Chicago SkyCHI1420.412147-107-1076.176.8-0.7L22-8
Tulsa ShockTUL628.176224-132-1578.089.8-11.8W12-8

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.


  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • PCT: Winning Percentage
  • GB: Games Back
  • HOME: Home Record
  • AWAY: Away Record
  • PPG: Points Per Game
  • OPP PPG: Opponent Points Per Game
  • DIFF: Average Point Differential
  • STRK: Current Streak
  • L10: Record last 10 games
  • X: Clinched Playoff Berth