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Trott: England have got their team selection wrong for this game.

England spinners have failed to apply pressure on the Indian batsmen and they seem to have one fast bowler too many in their Arsenal


Parthiv claims India's bowlers better than 'lucky' England.

India wicketkeeper also says that England's batsmen were lucky, citing Jos Buttler's innings in particular.


Buttler calls for more consistent bowling.

England batsmen says the team will reflect tonight on needed to land the ball more consistently.


Taylor: It wasn't all brute force from Warner.

James Taylor and Graeme Swann praise Australia's David Warner after he all but carried his bat in the 3rd ODI in Melbourne.


Where do New Zealand go from here?

Graeme Swann says that New Zealand need to find at least three new players to be able to compete again in one day cricket.


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