One of the most breathtaking places to watch F1 cars on the calendar. These guys are already going flatout through Eau Rouge in first practice with no real issues. Watching on, it's amazing how narrow the approach is and how small the run-off appears to be

Laurence Edmondson, F1 Editor

Nico Rosberg one of the four men trailing the Halo...

Why the Halo was delayed until 2018.

Craig Scarborough joins Jennie Gow to discuss why the Halo protection system will not debut in 2017.


Max Verstappen's contingent out in force on Friday morning. Saw lots of orange and Red Bull jerseys on the drive to Spa this morning ... And a Leeds United flag, obviously.

Nate Saunders, F1 Assistant Editor

One definite highlight of Thursday's press day. The monosyllabic Kimi Raikkonen, who got married in August, asked what he got up to in summer break. His reply? "Nothing special..."

Nate Saunders, F1 Assistant Editor

The top of Eau Rouge/Raidillon looking resplendent in the Spa sunshine this morning. This the view from the media centre.

Nate Saunders, F1 Assistant Editor

Beyond the perimeter fences of the current circuit are the public roads that made up the old 8.7 mile Spa-Francorchamps. We couldn't resist a quick visit to the infamous Masta Kink on our arrival yesterday.

Laurence Edmondson, F1 Editor

What makes Eau Rouge so special?

The Belgian Grand Prix is home to one of the best corners in Formula 1, but what makes Eau Rouge so good?


Who will benefit from 2017 changes?

A look at the changes F1 will implement for the start of next season and who could capitalize on them.


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