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A lap with 2019 McLaren hopeful Lando Norris

McLaren junior Lando Norris is looking like a very serious candidate for the vacant seat alongside Carlos Sainz in 2019. ESPN caught up with the young Englishman to learn his story so far.

Driving Hockenheim with Lando Norris

ESPN's Laurence Edmondson takes a hot lap with McLaren test and reserve driver Lando Norris around the Hockenheim circuit.


Alonso quits F1

Alonso says 'very poor' F1 spectacle prompted decision to quit

Fernando Alonso says his decision to quit Formula One at the end of the current season has nothing to do with not having a competitive car since 2015.

McLaren confirms Sainz as Alonso's replacement

McLaren has confirmed Carlos Sainz as one of its drivers for 2019, replacing Fernando Alonso at the team.

Alonso: Bigger challenges than F1 for me


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Formula 1

Brawn: New teams after 2021 will be a measure of F1's success

Formula One's motorsport director Ross Brawn hopes changes to the regulations for 2021 will encourage new teams to enter the sport.

F1 could go all-electric in ten years

Formula One's motorsport director Ross Brawn says the sport could go all electric within the next ten years if it provides a better spectacle for the fans.

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