Ask Steven: Rafael Nadal the youngest French Open winner?

JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images

I'm guessing that Rafael Nadal was the youngest winner of the men's singles at the French Open. But who was the youngest female winner? asked Mark Francis

Rafael Nadal was only 18 when he won the first of his nine (to 2014) French Open titles in 2005. But actually he wasn't the youngest men's winner: that honour goes to Michael Chang, who was just 17 years three months old when he won what turned out to be his only Grand Slam title in 1989.

The youngest women's winner came the following year: Monica Seles was only 16 years six months old when she won the first of a hat-trick of titles at Roland Garros in 1990. Seles would win eight Grand Slam singles titles before her 20th birthday, and her ninth and last in Australia in 1996, when still only 22.

The oldest winner of the men's singles in Paris was the Spaniard Andres Gimeno, three months short of his 35th birthday in 1972. Ken Rosewall won his first French title aged 18 in 1953, and his second at 33 in 1968, in the first open event. In the days when the tournament was restricted to members of French clubs, 40-year-old Andre Vacherot won his fourth title in 1901.

The oldest female winner in Paris was the persistent Hungarian Zsuzsa "Suzy" Kormoczy, at 33 in 1958; a few weeks later she reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon for the only time.