Tottenham have lost 'belief' against Premier League's top six - Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino said Tottenham are missing the feeling of invincibility they had against their top-six rivals in their final season at White Hart Lane, but he believes it will return at their new stadium.

Spurs were undefeated at home throughout the 2016-17 campaign and beat Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United in front of their own fans as they finished second behind Antonio Conte's Blues.

But they have struggled to replicate that dominance during their stay at Wembley last campaign and so far this season having have already lost to Liverpool, Man City and Barcelona under the arch in 2018-19.

As they now prepare to host Chelsea on Saturday, Pochettino said: "I think football is about belief, it's about faith, it's about many things.

"The disappointment of the people this season is because we didn't move to the new stadium. We're human. The players and the staff are all disappointed and that's not a good emotion that's going to help you to achieve all that you want.

"Football is about energy. Remember our last season at White Hart Lane. We were unbeaten in 10 months and you said we played so well and had the best team in the Premier League.

"I think it was because between the staff, players and the fans we created an amazing energy and the belief was massive.

"We started games always thinking we were going to win. Playing against Manchester United or Chelsea, the opponent wasn't important. The most important thing was that your belief was bigger than everything -- and at the moment, that condition is not the same.

"We're waiting to move to the new stadium because it's a massive and fantastic stadium and [we can] start to build that belief that we can beat everyone and be consistent during the season to try to fight for big things."

While Arsenal are traditionally Spurs' biggest foes in London, Pochettino believes Chelsea's more recent success has made them a similarly important fixture for Tottenham supporters.

"It's true in the last few years, Chelsea was always on the top," he said. "I think it's a good signal that our fans wanted more every season, and always you look at the teams above you.

"In the last few years Arsenal, after 21 or 22 years [of being above us], was below us again. I think that changed a little bit. But I still think Arsenal, West Ham or Chelsea are our biggest rivals."

Two of the Premier League's leading goalscorers will go head to head at Wembley in the contest. Eden Hazard has scored seven times in the top flight for Chelsea, while Harry Kane has six goals for Spurs.

Asked which player is more decisive for their club, Pochettino replied: "Both, in different ways -- they're different profiles of player.

"If you're going to pick 11 players I think you're going to pick Harry Kane and Hazard because both in different ways are so decisive and such good players."

Dele Alli and Ross Barkley are also set to meet at Wembley, days after teaming up for England and being unknowingly filmed while seemingly having an animated discussion with staff at a hotel in Mayfair.

However, Pochettino has defended the pair, saying the man recording the footage was in the wrong.

"We were worse in my era when I was playing, but no-one could record us or take a picture," he said. "There is nothing wrong. There is no point talking too much as you give publicity to a person who was doing something that, for me, was completely wrong."