Mark Selby dedicates World Championship win to late father-in-law

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Mark Selby has revealed his World Championship triumph was tainted by the sadness that his father-in-law was not there to share in the success.

The Leicester cueman's own father died when he was 16, and he has been estranged from his mother for most of his life. Wife Vikki's dad, Terry Layton, became almost a surrogate parent to Selby.

He died last September and it was to Terry that Selby dedicated his second world title, two years after the first.

"It's been tough over the last few years. I've not really got that much family so I class Vikki's family as my own," said Selby. "She lost her father in September and two years ago when I won it he was here watching.

"So it was quite emotional, with all the family watching from the balcony and him not being there. I knew Vikki would be emotional. Two years ago he was here in the dressing room with us and everything.

"He passed away at 64, taken away from us too soon, and if it was for anyone in particular then it was for Terry Layton. He was probably the next biggest thing that I had to a father other than my real father."

Vikki's family have taken 32-year-old Selby into their fold, and Terry was a passionate supporter of his son-in-law.

An exhausted Selby managed to celebrate long into the night at the tournament's champion's reception after beating Ding Junhui, getting on stage at one point to join the party band and belt out a rendition of the Neil Diamond classic, Sweet Caroline. And he knew what Terry would make of it all.

"He'd be crying his eyes out now," Selby said. "I remember two years ago he was crying his eyes out and we've still kept it at home on the Sky Plus.

"Vik sometimes watches the last few balls when I win it and he's standing out of his seat cheering. Vikki obviously gets emotional every time she watches it and so do I."

Selby is a humble sportsman who prizes his private life, and when it comes to spending his winnings of £330,000 he has only modest plans of buying furniture for their newly-renovated home, and expanding a property portfolio.

He is investing for the future, with Vikki and one-year-old daughter Sofia his priority. Selby has struggled with a neck injury during his career, and he knows another setback could force him to quit the game one day.

"It's still not completely gone and some days I can wake up and it could be back again and who knows, I may never be able to play again," Selby said. "I'm a laid-back person and I'd like to invest for the future because you never know what's round the corner."