Rugby public treated with complete disdain by Rugby Australia

If you want to know why Australian Rugby is in a complete mess, all you have to do is watch the abomination of a media conference that top brass who run the game came up with on Monday.

Blink, sneeze or brush away a blowfly and you would have completely missed it. Media conferences are supposed to provide information and hopefully enlighten the public, which the sporting organisation relies upon to pay the bills.

And you would expect something compelling from an organised media gathering when the Rugby Australia board has assembled to decide whether their national coach, support staff, plus important managerial figures should be sacked or not. It's a big, big day.

Instead yet again Rugby Australia treated the Australian rugby public with complete disdain. Their ever smug chairman Cameron Clyne waltzed in, told the bleeding obvious that the board had heard a presentation from Michael Cheika, there had been some data gathered, and that they had 'all the information we need.'

So if they have all the information, clearly a competent board of directors would be able to make a decision. No, no, no. We forgot that we are dealing with the master muddlers. Instead it was the usual Clyne gobbledegook about 'going through a fairly thorough review process' and that it 'will be done by Christmas.'


What Christmas?





He couldn't even tell us what year we could expect some sort of announcement. Hopefully it's this year, because there's actually a Rugby World Cup on before the next Christmas and it would be great if the Wallabies actually knew who their coach was for the most important of international tournaments. I also certainly hope someone has been able to afford a calendar at cash-strapped Rugby Australia HQ so the board actually knows when Christmas is.

Then within 45 seconds, no questions allowed, and with a smirk as he uttered 'Thanks very much guys', Clyne exited, no make that fled, saying he had important board business to attend to. Thanks for nothing. Those in the media who had sadly wasted their time going to Moore Park, just stood there, stunned.

Good organisations rely on good leadership. This farce showed yet again that Rugby Australia is completely bereft in that area. Smart organisations know how to treat its media with some sort of respect, not brush them off as if they are gnats.

It was just another time wasting exercise by these procrastinators. So more weeks will be wasted as we wait for the RU board to finally stop sitting on its hands. No wonder Cheika has been able in his four flawed years in the job to completely play this board off a break, and do exactly what he wants. They are as tough as balsa. Cheika knows that and so remains king of the domain.

So Mr Clyne, I sincerely hope when the board comes out of hibernation and this 'review process' on Australian Rugby is finally decided upon, its includes your departure from the RA board.

For the umpteenth time, your holier than thou attitude and inability to control a crisis shows you are so out of your depth. For the sake of rugby, Mr Clyne, go!