Israel Folau takes swipe at Raelene Castle in social post

Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Israel Folau has taken a swipe at Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle in an online essay for PlayersVoice after the pair met alongside NSW Waratahs general manager Andrew Hore to discuss his social media post that caused a public uproar.

Folau said he told Castle he would walk away from his contract if the CEO felt the situation "had become untenable" and that he understood the external pressure the Wallabies and Waratahs were under following his post.

However, when he returned home to watch the press conference, Folau said he "felt Raelene misrepresented' his position and comments, and 'did so to appease other people".

The 29-year-old explained that at no point over the two weeks following his social post did he want to have his contract torn up, despite the rumours that had been circling.

Off contract at the end of the season, Rugby Australia have been desperate to sign him ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, however, Folau explained he'd received offers from not just the NRL, but also sides from the UK, France and Japan.

Two weeks ago, Folau caused an uproar after he posted a comment online that gay people would 'go to HELL'. In his online post he attempted to explain his reasons behind the post saying "I believe that it is a loving gesture to share passages from the Bible with others. I do it all the time when people ask me questions about my faith or things relating to their lives, whether that's in-person or on my social media accounts".

He also explained he 'didn't agree with Bill Pulver taking a stance on the same sex marriage vote on behalf of the whole organisation'.

Wallabies' major sponsor Qantas has been under pressure from fans to take action against the Wallabies and have considered pulling their sponsorship from the side.