All Blacks need to readjust Rugby World Cup attitude, Craig Dowd writes

Looking at New Zealand's game against Georgia, I felt Aaron Smith set the tempo of the game and the All Blacks didn't have any composure about the way they played. They went out and tried to win that game before they had won the game.

They left 18 points out on the park during the first half. They kicked for the corner, went for the drive and came away with nothing when there were 18 points on offer at the posts. The scoreline at half-time should have read 40-10, by which time the straw would have broken the camel's back and the floodgates could have opened with tries aplenty in the second half.

The game of rugby hasn't changed in 100 years. If you got out there and try to run everything from the first minute, you leave yourself vulnerable when a team like Georgia has such a fantastic defence; probably Waisake Naholo scoring his early try helped to create the attitude that a try fest was imminent,

Georgia knew they were never going to win but they never gave up in defence. They were still big, fit men capable of making tackles so I think there is a lot for the All Blacks to learn out of that game.

Smith was taking quick taps and was full of enthusiasm; but it really just needed someone to grab him and say 'settle down, we'll play this at our tempo and have a bit of composure about what we're doing' and then everything would have calmed down a bit.

So I think the All Blacks need to control the way they want to play against Tonga, and I hope like hell we get France at Millennium Stadium in two weeks' time. Because the All Blacks need nothing so much as an attitude readjustment; they need to go into a Test match where all that 50-50 stuff is gone out the window.

And when I say the attitude readjustment, it means every player going to Millennium Stadium to play against France will clearly know who they are playing against, and the history behind that game, and I guarantee there's no way we'll lose it.

The All Blacks need some heavy motivation. That's what's been lacking. The opposition has been just that; the opposition. So I think the prospective game against France could be the game that kicks the All Blacks and really gets the team firing. I think it will be a defining moment for the All Blacks' season, especially in this World Cup.