15Liam Williams, FB
14George North, W
13Jonathan Davies, C
12Hadleigh Parkes, C
11Josh Adams, W
10Gareth Anscombe, FH
9Gareth Davies, SH
1Rob Evans, P
2Ken Owens, H
3Tomas Francis, P
4Cory Hill, L
5Alun Wyn Jones, L
6Josh Navidi, FL
7Justin Tipuric, FL
8Ross Moriarty, N8
16Elliot Dee, R
17Nicky Smith, R
18Dillon Lewis, R
19Adam Beard, R
20Aaron Wainwright, R
21Aled Davies, R
22Dan Biggar, R
23Owen Watkin, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Principality Stadium
11:45 AM, February 23, 2019
Capacity: 74,500

Match Commentary

81'Fantasy Rugby: Check your scores!

He may have been on the losing side, but England's Tom Curry is the Fantasy Rugby Player of the Day thanks to a huge 14-point performance against Wales.

How did you get on? Check your score now!

81'England head coach Eddie Jones: "It's a game of small margins. They beat us in the air and we lost the penalty count 9-3, which gave them chances. I don't know if we lost our heads but they put us under a lot of pressure. A few of our players were off today. Wales deserved the victory and played very well."

Wales head coach Warren Gatland: "We created a lot of problems for ourselves in the first half and England didn't put us under pressure. We were a lot better in the second half and we got better as the game went on. We put a lot of work into our kicking game during the week and we exploited England in the air today. It was a massive step up for us today.

On whether Wales can win the Rugby World Cup this year: "Apparently not according to some, but we'll keep working and stay under the radar if we can."

81'England captain Owen Farrell: "We didn't get a foothold in the last 30 [minutes] of the game. We did well in the first half, came out and had a go at the start of the second but then we couldn't get our momentum. We made a few errors, myself included. We couldn't get out of our half as they built a lot of pressure."
81'Man of the match Liam Williams on Wales' victory: "We're a great team but we didn't play well the first two weeks. We've worked hard this week and the boys dug deep in the second half [to get the win]."
81'Wales go three-from-three in the Six Nations, they win a record 12th game in a row and get their first win over England in six attempts. It was a massive second-half performance from Wales, who crush England's Grand Slam hopes after the away side led at half time.
81'21-13 End of second half
80'Substitute on - Owen Watkin , Wales
80'Player substituted - Hadleigh Parkes , Wales
79'Wales have the ball with seconds to go...
That'll do it! From the scrum Dan Biggar looks up and pings a glorious crossfield pass right onto the head of England's Elliot Daly, but it's Josh Adams who leaps highest to pluck the ball from the sky and cross the line.
78'21-13 Try - Josh Adams , Wales
77'Wales have the put-in at the scrum as the clock continues to tick. Three minutes to go now.
77'Player substituted - Ross Moriarty , Wales
77'Substitute on - Aaron Wainwright , Wales
77'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
77'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
77'Substitute on - Aled Davies , Wales
77'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
77'Player substituted - Courtney Lawes , England
77'Substitute on - Brad Shields , England
77'Player substituted - Ben Moon , England
77'Substitute on - Ellis Genge , England
75'Wales are forced back but Liam Williams does brilliantly to chase his own kick and take Wales inside England's half. They work it left to Josh Adams and eventually win the penalty inside England territory.
73'Wales have the ball on halfway and are a man up -- Courtney Lawes is receiving treatment on the field.
71'Wales immediately come under pressure from the restart but a fantastic kick from Biggar gains Wales 60 metres and drags the team up to halfway.
71'Player substituted - Cory Hill , Wales
71'Substitute on - Adam Beard , Wales
70'Player substituted - Jonny May , England
70'Substitute on - Joe Cokanasiga , England
70'16-13 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Wales
What a try! Wales were being frustrated and couldn't get down England's flank, so with the penalty advantage in hand, Biggar worked it right towards the other side where Wales had the space. George North took it on but the move was finished off by Cory Hill to the roars of the Principality. Biggar then squeezes his conversion inside the left post to take Wales' lead to three points.
68'14-13 Try - Cory Hill , Wales
66'Wales are packed in on the left-hand side, but there's no way though this England defence. Wales now have the advantage...
66'Wales are on the England 5-metre line.
65'Wales looked to have given the ball away but win it back following a loose pass from England. Suddenly there's space out wide and Adams drives forward down the right. Tuilagi gets back and hauls him down but Wales are up to the England 22.
64'Substitute on - Joe Launchbury , England
64'Player substituted - George Kruis , England
England's first points of the second half, and at a much needed time.
63'9-13 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
61'England, and Tom Curry, win a big penalty at the breakdown as Wales looked to drive forward. Curry is immediately surrounded by his teammates and Farrell will kick at goal from 29 metres.
61'Substitute on - Dan Biggar , Wales
61'Player substituted - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
61'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Wales
61'Substitute on - Dillon Lewis , Wales
61'Substitute on - Nicky Smith , Wales
61'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
60'Play will restart with a Wales scrum on their own 22 following a knock-on from Jack Nowell. Here comes Dan Biggar.
59'England are up to the Wales 22 thanks to a driving run from Tuilagi, who broke into full flight for the first time this match.
58'Farrell then restarts with a wayward kick which floats straight into touch but Wales again lose possession from the lineout.
Anscombe brings Wales to within a point. The momentum is with them now.
57'Substitute on - Harry Williams , England
57'Player substituted - Kyle Sinckler , England
57'9-10 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
56'England are penalised again and Sinckler is officially on his final warning from the referee -- he had his arms around Wyn Jones neck at that last maul. Wales had the advantage but Davies' kick looking for space was wayward. Anscombe will kick at goal from in front of the posts, and Sinckler will be taken off by Eddie Jones.
54'Play restarts with high kicks from both sides -- the ball has spent a lot of time in the air this afternoon. Liam Williams gets up brilliantly on two occasions to pluck the ball from the air before Kyle Sinckler is penalised for a block on Anscombe. Wales get the penalty and Anscombe kicks for touch inside the England 22.
Anscombe brings Wales back within a score.
52'6-10 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
50'Wales come away with the ball but their drives forward are halted by white shirts. Anscombe then kicks wide to Adams before Wales win a penalty at the breakdown. Anscombe will kick at goal.
48'Anscombe's high kick out to the left is contested by North and Nowell. The pair both come down with the ball, which sparks some pushing and shoving. Everyone was at it, Manu Tuilagi and Williams, Sinckler and Alun Wyn Jones. We'll restart with a scrum.
45'Wales can't get out of their half and England are ramping up the pressure. Farrell kicks again into touch down the line and Wales will have the lineout just inside their 22. It's turned over, but Wales have the penalty. Anscombe kicks to halfway.
44'England almost break twice from the restart. First Jack Nowell finds space and darts inside before the ball is worked wide to Farrell, who pops up on the wing but is tackled into touch.
43'England build up to 10 phases, for what feels like the first time in the match, before Farrell looks for the penetrating kick. Anscombe blocks and the ball runs out for a lineout.
42'England win a quick penalty after a knock-on from Josh Navidi and Ben Youngs looks for a wide pass knowing he has the advantage. Adams almost intercepts and the play is brought back.
41'But Anscombe remains at No. 10 for now as both sides are unchanged and it's the Wales fly-half who gets the second period underway.
41'The teams are back out! How do Wales change things from here? You'd imagine we'll see Dan Biggar before too long...
41'This game is being played at a breathless rate. England are stopping Wales from creating anything and have been able to hit on the break following turnovers. England have also looked to kick at every opportunity.
41'England's move breaks down so Farrell goes for a hail mary out wide to Nowell. The winger is unable to get his hands on the ball and Wales win it back before they clear into touch to bring the first half to an end.
41'3-10 End of first half
40'England win the lineout and look to maul with the clock in the red...
40'3-10 Start of second half
39'Wales lose the ball and England come left to Jonny May, who kicks and chases the ball down the wing. It looks to be a hopeless chase but May eats up the ground on Williams and eventually forces Wales back into touch to earn England a lineout on the 10 metre line.
37'Wales come away with the ball from the scrum but Anscombe's chip into space looks pretty tame, although Youngs then gets himself in all sorts of trouble and puts England under pressure. Nowell burrows himself some ground on the tryline before England boot clear.
36'Wales are frustrated at the lineout as they knock-on Owens' throw. England have the scrum.
35'Vunipola is caught offside and Wales get a penalty. Anscombe clears downfield and Wales get good field position.
32'Wales gain good ground from the scrum following runs from Jonathan Davies and then George North. They come back inside and then outside, looking for space, but there is none, and Farrell charges down Anscombe's kick. Suddenly Wales are on the back foot and Farrell chases Youngs' kick into space. Williams collects before he is tackled by Farrell, although Wales eventually clear. Frantic play.
29'England are putting Wales under all sorts of pressure. Curry wins another turnover at the breakdown and Farrell pins Wales inside their 10 with an accurate kick downfield. Wales clear into touch and then win a scrum from the restart.
How quick was that? Wales had the ball and were looking to maul but Lawes got in and stripped possession. Suddenly England break right and the ball is fed to Tom Curry, who crosses for his first England try. Farrell notches the conversion.
27'3-10 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
27'3-8 Try - Tom Curry , England
Anscombe's kick goes through the posts from the 20 metres. We are level again.
24'3-3 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
22'Wales drive forward from the lineout through their forwards before an ambitious crossfield kick from Anscombe floats straight into touch, although he was playing knowing Wales had the advantage. Play is brought back for a no-arms tackle from Kyle Sinckler earlier in the move and Anscombe will get his first sight of goal from the tee.
20'Wales are awarded the penalty after Tom Curry fails to roll away from a ruck. Anscombe kicks into touch.
19'Wales look to build from halfway. Josh Adams has a nice run infield before Ben Moon gets a big hit on Tipuric. Wales then turn left and George North gets his first run down the wing. Wales are struggling to make progress.
Through it goes. England have the lead.
18'0-3 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
16'England win the penalty after the scrum collapses. Farrell will kick at goal from just outside the left post, 18 metres out.
14'England win the ball back from the lineout and Vunipola charges into the Wales line. Their move breaks down after Farrell is penalised for a forward pass. Wales have the scrum inside their 22.
13'Youngs finds touch with a bouncing kick down the right side. Wales have the lineout just inside their 22.
12'England are looking to kick from deep at every opportunity -- which should not come as a surprise given their success over the opening two weeks.
10'A huge cheer goes up as Gareth Davies charges down Farrell's kick. England regather the ball and clear, but Wales come again through Anscombe.
9'England come away from the scrum with the ball and Ben Youngs clears downfield. Liam Williams runs the ball back into the England half before Anscombe hangs a kick high towards the England right. England come forward through Vunipola.
8'England turn the ball over at the breakdown through Jamie George and win the scrum on their 22.
6'Ken Owens' lineout on the England 10 is gathered by England's George Kruis. England clear but Wales come again.
4'Play is stuck in the middle of the field and Wales catch England offside. They earn the advantage but Farrell tackles Anscombe after the fly-half had kicked the ball into space. It comes back for the offside and Farrell escapes without punishment. Anscombe picks himself up and kicks into touch.
2'Daly's kick was wide from the moment it left his foot. Anscombe clears into the arms of Farrell, who kicks high into the air and fails to gain any distance.
1'Hang on, Peyper has reversed his decision and has penalised Justin Tipuric for a no-arms tackle on Billy Vunipola. It looks harsh. Elliot Daly will kick at goal from a long way out.
1'Wales clear and England come back with the ball, but Courtney Lawes knocks the ball on and Wales will have a scrum early on.
1'Brilliant noise inside the Principality. Owen Farrell gets us underway by kicking deep into Wales territory -- remember how fast England have started this tournament, by the way. South Africa's Jaco Peyper is today's referee.

The teams are out!

The roof is open, but the atmosphere in Cardiff is absolutely electric.

Here's what they are playing for: Wales are looking for their 12th consecutive win -- a record, England are looking for their sixth consecutive win over Wales -- a record, oh, and both sides are looking to maintain their Grand Slam dreams in the 2019 Six Nations.

Wales vs. England is one clash, but Warren Gatland vs. Eddie Jones is equally compelling. Here's a little pre-match reading...


Wales, Gatland back Anscombe at No. 10

Wales have decided to stick with Gareth Anscombe at fly-half ahead of Dan Biggar, who played in the 26-15 victory over Italy two weeks ago. Wales made 10 changes for the Italy match last week but have reverted to the side that defeated France in Paris on the opening weekend.


England bring in Nowell, Moon

England have made two changes from the that beat France two weeks ago, with Jack Nowell and Ben Moon coming into the starting XV. Nowell replaces the injured Chris Ashton on the wing while Moon steps in for the sidelined Mako Vunipola at loose-head prop. Jonny May, already with four tries this tournament, is England's danger man on the wing while captain Owen Farrell will relish the occasion of leading his side out in Cardiff.

1'Play has just finished in today's earlier match, where France clinched their first win of this year's campaign with a bonus-point win over a weakened Scotland.
1' Good afternoon and welcome to ESPN's live commentary of Wales vs. England. It's the Six Nations' two remaining unbeaten teams, it's two old, great rivals going head to head, and it's live in 20 minutes!
1'0-0 Start of first half

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