15Kurtley Beale, FB
14Reece Hodge, W
13James O'Connor, C
12Samu Kerevi, C
11Marika Koroibete, W
10Christian Leali'ifano, FH
9Nic White, SH
1Scott Sio, P
2Silatolu Latu, H
3Allan Alaalatoa, P
4Izack Rodda, L
5Rory Arnold, L
6David Pocock, FL
7Michael Hooper, FL
8Isi Naisarani, N8
16Jordan Uelese, R
17James Slipper, R
18Sekope Kepu, R
19Adam Coleman, R
20Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, R
21Will Genia, R
22Matt Toomua, R
23Dane Haylett-Petty, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Sapporo Dome
12:45 AM, September 21, 2019

Match Commentary

87'And that's it from this afternoon's match. The Wallabies proved too good for Fiji and take the bonus point. Make sure to stick around for our live commentary of the upcoming France vs. Argentina match.
85'It was a fantastic contest for both sides. Fiji were hungry and determined to upset the Wallabies, but the Aussies held strong and went back to simple play in the second.
85'What an effort from Fiji. While they couldn't hold the Wallabies back, they gave them a mighty scare in the first half and held the lead for over 60mins throughout the match. The Wallabies found their way after halfway and put Fiji to the sword, but they'll have plenty to think about after their messy opening 40.
84'All over! Fiji tried to add some extras in the end but they just couldn't get through the Wallabies' smothering defence and knock it on to close out the match.
82'Spoke too soon, they get the penalty advantage and it's lucky they do cause they drop the ball again.
81'Fiji get the penalty within kicking distance, but they want to get the five so Volavola kicks it into touch and the lineout is surely the last play of the game.
81'+439-21 End of second half
79'Getting very messy towards the end here. Fiji desperate to get something going here, while the Wallabies are just throwing the ball around like it's a hot potato. Play has to stop with a knock on. Fiji get their last chance at the dice here.
76'It's been one way traffic for most of this second half, but just as it looks like the Wallabies will add another Toomua drops it in the tackle. Fiji choose to play on and send it wide in their own in goal! It goes forward, but luckily they've got the advantage and they go back to the scrum. It's been a hectic, high tempo match and Fiji aren't going to go quietly at the end here.
74'Player substituted - Samuel Matavesi , Fiji
74'Substitute on - Tuvere Vugakoto , Fiji
74'Player substituted - Kini Murimurivalu , Fiji
74'Substitute on - Alivereti Veitokani , Fiji
74'39-21 Conversion - Matt Toomua , Australia
73'Toomua slots it from outwide and the Wallabies just pushing themselves well ahead here 39-21.
72'TRY TIME! Marika Koirebte finally gets reward for all his work on the right wing. Set piece play goes exactly how you picture it at training. Wallabies win their lineout, Genia sends it to Toomua and it's simple catch and pass as the backline send it on and Koroibete grabs the pass and burns his defender.
72'37-21 Try - Marika Koroibete , Australia
71'Substitute on - Nikola Matawalu , Fiji
71'Player substituted - Frank Lomani , Fiji
70'Player substituted - Kurtley Beale , Australia
70'Substitute on - Dane Haylett-Petty , Australia
70'32-21 Conversion - Matt Toomua , Australia
69'Matt Toomua slots it and the Wallabies really start to build their lead here 32-21. The yellow card is definitely hurting Fiji now and if they can't get their hands on the pill soon, the Wallabies may just run away with it here.
69'30-21 Try - Samu Kerevi , Australia
68'TRY TIME! Samu Kerevi ducks under the defender's arm and he dots it down. The Wallabies' forwards are really making the Fijians work. They're drawing them in nice and tight to the breakdown and with the extra man Genia sends it wide for Kerevi to barge into the defence and get over the line.
68'Player substituted - Rory Arnold , Australia
68'Substitute on - Adam Coleman , Australia
66'And again the Wallabies find themselves metres from the Fijian line. They can't get to the maul with a messy lineout, but the forwards maintain possession and use the pick and go before they send it wide. They've got the one player advantage, but they've lost the ball a metre from the line. Wasted opportunity there.
64'Fiji starved of possession so they go short at the kick off and knock the ball back. But handling again is killed their hopes of using the pill. Fiji trail by four points, but there's still plenty of time left.
63'A third kicker, and another miss. Matt Toomua can't add the extras. This could prove costly down the tournament if they can't get their radar working.
63'Player substituted - Scott Sio , Australia
63'Substitute on - James Slipper , Australia
63'Substitute on - Jordan Uelese , Australia
63'Player substituted - Silatolu Latu , Australia
63'Player substituted - Josua Tuisova , Fiji
63'Substitute on - Vereniki Goneva , Fiji
63'Substitute on - Sekope Kepu , Australia
63'Player substituted - Allan Alaalatoa , Australia
62'TRY TIME! And Lotu goes over again! 10 minutes ago he'd never scored a Rugby World Cup try, now he's got a double to his name. The Wallabies forward pack really giving the Fijians some work here. And the Wallabies are finally in the lead.
62'25-21 Try - Silatolu Latu , Australia
61'Yellow card - Levani Botia , Fiji
60'Finally Koroibete finds some space on the wing and he burns his defencer, but he's got no one to send it to. The Wallabies bring it inside and put Fiji under plenty of pressure. And Fiji is shown a card! Levani Botia is sent for continuous infringements.
59'Player substituted - Christian Leali'ifano , Australia
59'Substitute on - Matt Toomua , Australia
58'Hodge sends it to the right and the Wallabies remain one point behind. 20-21.
57'TRY TIME! Tolu Latu finds the line at the back of the maul. It took three attempts but they finally got there and give themselves the chance to take the lead for the first time this match. First two lineouts they went to Rory Arnold, third time they went to new man Lukhan Salakaia-Loto and they reap the rewards.
57'20-21 Try - Silatolu Latu , Australia
57'Substitute on - Manasa Saulo Romumu , Fiji
57'Player substituted - Peni Ravai , Fiji
57'Player substituted - Campese Ma'afu , Fiji
57'Substitute on - Eroni Mawi , Fiji
57'Substitute on - Lukhan Salakaia-Loto , Australia
57'Player substituted - Isi Naisarani , Australia
55'The maul's collapsed again, the ball squirts out and Lealiifano goes for something fun. He sends the cross field kick to Koroibete - who's about 2 feet shorter than Josua Tuisova - and he can't collect the ball. But we go back to the penalty on the other side of the pitch.
55'Wallabies make their way down the pitch with a well placed kick and then a penalty. They go to the maul 5m out but Fiji hold strong and don't give them many metres. But there's a penalty for collapsing the maul. The Wallabies go back to the lineout and set up for another maul.
52'Player substituted - Nic White , Australia
52'Substitute on - Will Genia , Australia
51'Wallabies are using the pick and drive to gain some metres and a lazy defender in the breakdown earns the Wallabies a penalty and gives Hodge the chance to close the gap. And he slots it straight over the dot. 21-15.
51'15-21 Penalty goal - Reece Hodge , Australia
47'Nice attack from the Wallabies. They've learnt from the first half and are going through the middle before spreading, but Fiji's defence held strong. Fiji make the turnover metres out from their line and release the pressure.
46'12-21 Conversion - Ben Volavola , Fiji
45'This is exactly the opposite of what the Wallabies would have wanted, while this is the perfect restart for Fiji.
44'TRY TIME! Waisea Nayacalevu pounces on a loose ball and he charges from about halfway all the way under the posts! Complete miscommunication in the backline then, the ball goes over Lealiifano's shoulder and Nayacalevu scoops it up. Volavola adds the extras 21-12 and Fiji are keeping the Wallabies at a distance.
44'12-19 Try - Waisea Nayacalevu , Fiji
41'We're off for the second half and Volavola kicks it deep into the Wallabies half with Hooper running it into several white jerseys.
41'Substitute on - Tevita Ratuva , Fiji
41'Player substituted - Viliame Mata , Fiji
41'12-14 End of first half
40'Fiji making the Wallabies look like speed bumps on the way to the line.
40'The Wallabies will have a lot to think about as they head into the sheds at the break. Nerves or blood rushing to the head has seen plenty of errors and bad decision making. Hodge's try to end the half keeps the Wallabies in the game, but they'll need to watch their discipline if they want to quiet Fiji and keep themselves in the match. This is certainly the best Fiji side we've seen at this tournament and with plenty of time to train together ahead of the tournament they've solidified their game plan and will give their pool opponents grief.
40'And that's it for the first half. Fiji manage to get the ball out the back of a strong push and take a two point lead into the break 14-12. Only four years ago Volavola struggled on the global stage and wasn't able to give his side much direction, it's a complete 180 today with Volavola controlling the game with aplomb. Fiji deserve to be a lot further ahead with plenty of opportunities metres from the line, but Volavola is keeping them ahead with some strong goal kicking.
40'12-14 Start of second half
39'Wallabies building the phases here. Ball runners making metres through rush up defence, and building through pick and drives. But a knock on kills the momentum jsut as they were pushing into Fiji half.
36'TRY TIME! Reece Hodge gets it metres from the line, five out and just charges in, bumping off the defender. Quick hands through the backline and the Wallabies are a kick away from leveling up. Patience from the forwards is proving crucial for the Wallabies as the backline get the points off their hard work. Lealiifano doesn't have it easy though, having to slot it from the sideline. And he misses. Fiji remain 14-12.
36'12-14 Try - Reece Hodge , Australia
33'Interesting decision here. Wallabies with the penalty almost in front and kickable, but Hooper points to touch. They've got the lineout 7m out and they need to come away with points here. Fiji come straight through the middle of the maul but can't spoil it.
32'Wallabies really need to find some level heads here. The pressure is causing plenty of problems here and with just eight minutes left of the half, they'll need a try now to keep themselves in this game.
31'7-14 Penalty goal - Ben Volavola , Fiji
30'Fiji get their hands back on the pill and the Wallabies are high in the tackle. Volavola is punishing any Wallabies mistake and Fiji are now up 14-7.
26'Huge scrum from the Wallabies but Fiji manage to get it out before they knock it on again! Handling killing Fiji at the moment, they've had plenty of chances to add to their score but some dogged defence from Hodge has kept them out on the left.
26'Substitute on - Mosese Voka , Fiji
26'Player substituted - Peceli Yato , Fiji
25'Another penalty and Fiji are back into the Wallabies 22 with the perfect opportunity to extend their lead. They go to the shortside, but they drop the ball and it goes into touch. Pocock spots the space outwide and throws it long to Kerevi for the quick throw in, but Kerevi can't get it out quick enough and is pinned down inside his goal and Fiji now get the scrum 5m out! This game has been crazy!
23'And the advantage goes straight back to Fiji. Sloppy handling and loose passing is giving Fiji plenty of early chances. Any loose ball and the Fijians are pouncing. Volavola slots a penalty after the Wallabies infringe at the breakdown and the lead goes out to four. 11-7.
23'7-11 Penalty goal - Ben Volavola , Fiji
19'7-8 Conversion - Christian Leali'ifano , Australia
18'TRY TIME! Michael Hooper dots it down for the Wallabies after he drives through three or so tacklers. If there's any positives the Wallabies can take from the opening minutes, their scrum has clearly dominated. Their scrum pushed Fiji right off the ball, secured the penalty advantage before the forward pack motored forward for the try. Lealiifano gets the extras and suddenly the gap closes.
18'5-8 Try - Michael Hooper , Australia
16'The Wallabies finally finding some rhythm with the ball, Koroibete finding some metres outwide but Fiji making sure to cut him off several times. The Wallabies really suffering from nerves with some terrible passes and some brain explosions. Fiji unlucky to knock it on themselves once they get the loose ball and the Wallabies get a chance to strike from within Fiji's 22m.
14'First scrum and the Wallabies get the relieving penalty. The Wallabies need to hold onto some possession here and put some pressure back onto Fiji.
13'The Flying Fijians are swatting Wallabies defence like they're swatting flies. They're finding gaps everywhere and bumping off almost everyone. Luckily for the Wallabies, Radradra puts the ball to ground from a cross field kick just metres from the tryline.
11'Cheika will be pretty disappointed with that start. The Wallabies had the perfect opportunity to put pressure on early, instead they're chasing a hefty Fiji lead after just 11 minutes.
8'0-8 Try - Peceli Yato , Fiji
6'TRY TIME! Unbelievable the Fijians are over in the corner with Peceli Yato running it in! Fijians just bumping off the Wallabies like they're speed bumps before their offload game comes into play and stings the Wallabies. Volavola is unable to add the extras, but Fiji still take a hefty lead 8-0.
5'0-3 Penalty goal - Ben Volavola , Fiji
4'Fiji patient with the ball early and making some metres before Ben Volavola toes it through for a lineout less than 10m from the Wallabies line. The Wallabies win the lineout but make a meal of clearing it out and Fiji win the penalty at the breakdown. Volavola has the opening shot of the match to get Fiji up early. And he sinks it.
1'Fiji clear it and manage to turn it over at the breakdown with James O'Connor running into big man Josua Tuisova. Fiji did well to get it out of their own half and relieve the early pressure.
1'Wallabies kick-off and we're underway with Fiji taking it deep in their own 22m before Reece Hodge charges down and Fiji are already five metres from their line and under pressure.
1'The drums are beating and the teams are walking out onto the pitch for their first match of the Rugby World Cup 2019. Sapporo Dome is absolutely packed and looks unbelievable with the roof on. In case you haven't seen how amazing this stadium is, check out this video: It's time for the anthems as we countdown to kick off.
1'With just minutes until kick off, make sure to send us your predictions and thoughts of the game on our twitter @espnscrum And here are today's line-ups. Australia: Kurtley Beale, Reece Hodge, James O'Connor, Samu Kerevi (vc), Marika Koroibete, Christian Lealiifano, Nic White, Isi Naisarani, Michael Hooper (c), David Pocock, Rory Arnold, Izack Rodda, Allan Alaalatoa, Tolu Latu, Scott Sio Replacements: Jordan Uelese, James Slipper, Sekope Kepu, Adam Coleman, Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, Will Genia, Matt To'omua, Dane Haylett-Petty Fiji: Kini Murimurivalu, Josua Tuisova, Waisea Nayacalevu, Levani Botia, Semi Radradra, Ben Volavola, Frank Lomani, Viliame Mata, Peceli Yato, Dominiko Waqaniburotu, Leone Nakarawa, Tevita Cavubati, Peni Ravai, Sam Matavesi, Campese Ma'afu, Replacements: Veremalua Vugakoto, Eroni Mawi, Manasa Saulo, Tevita Ratuva, Mosese Voka, Nikola Matawalu, Alivereti Veitokani, Vereniki Goneva
1'But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, this afternoon's game between Australia and Fiji could prove pivotal to how Pool D finishes up at the end of the pool rounds. While odds are on the Wallabies to get through their opening clash unscathed, Fiji can't be underestimated and look hungry to take down the Aussies. Michael Cheika has chosen to go with the 'Pooper' combination with David Pocock starting at No.6 and Michael Hooper at No.7. Meanwhile Fiji have decided to move Semi Radradra from the centres into the wing, which could give Reece Hodge some grief.
1'Hello and welcome to our first live commentary on Super Saturday! First up we've got Australia vs. Fiji, before France take on Argentina and then what is certainly the biggest game of the weekend the All Blacks vs. the Springboks. It's a huge night coming up, so make sure to get comfortable as we bring you all the big moments from tonight's World Cup action.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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