15Mike Haley, FB
14Byron McGuigan, W
13Sam James, C
12James O'Connor, C
11Marland Yarde, W
10AJ MacGinty, FH
9Faf de Klerk, SH
1Ross Harrison, P
2Rob Webber, H
3Alexandru Tarus, P
4Bryn Evans, L
5Andrey Ostrikov, L
6Jonathan Ross, FL
7Ben Curry, FL
8Josh Strauss, N8
16Marc Jones, R
17James Flynn, R
18Halani 'Aulika, R
19Josh Beaumont, R
20Tom Curry, R
21Will Cliff, R
22Luke James, R
23TJ Ioane, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: AJ Bell Stadium
2:45 PM, April 6, 2018

Match Commentary

81'+3Substitute on - Joe Simpson , Wasps
81'+3Player substituted - Dan Robson , Wasps
81'+3Player substituted - Danny Cipriani , Wasps
81'+3Substitute on - Guy Armitage , Wasps
81'+1128-27 Try - Marland Yarde , Sale Sharks
81'+1328-27 End of second half
80'Substitute on - Juan De Jongh , Wasps
80'Player substituted - Josh Bassett , Wasps
80'Yellow card - James Haskell , Wasps
75'Player substituted - Jake Cooper-Woolley , Wasps
75'Substitute on - Marty Moore , Wasps
75'Player substituted - James Flynn , Sale Sharks
75'Substitute on - Ross Harrison , Sale Sharks
72'Substitute on - James Flynn , Sale Sharks
72'Player substituted - Ross Harrison , Sale Sharks
69'Substitute on - James Haskell , Wasps
69'Player substituted - Jack Willis , Wasps
65'It has been a very good defensive effort from Wasps, with Cipriani in the bin. He is set to return with Wasps having won that period 3-0. Huge effort.
65'Player substituted - Ben Curry , Sale Sharks
65'Substitute on - TJ Ioane , Sale Sharks
65'23-27 Penalty goal - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
62'Player substituted - Rob Webber , Sale Sharks
62'Substitute on - Marc Jones , Sale Sharks
62'Player substituted - Kearnan Myall , Wasps
62'Substitute on - Will Rowlands , Wasps
62'Player substituted - Tom Cruse , Wasps
62'Substitute on - Tommy Taylor , Wasps
58'Wasps win the penalty as Webber goes to ground at the scrum and Gopperth kicks to touch inside Sale's half. An eighth turnover for Wasps.
57'It comes off the post and Wasps escape. MacGinty misses his third of the game.
57'Player substituted - Andrey Ostrikov , Sale Sharks
57'Substitute on - Josh Beaumont , Sale Sharks
56'Yellow card - Danny Cipriani , Wasps
55'And Danny Cipriani has his hand in the ruck, and referee JP Doyle says he knew what he was doing, a really silly penalty to give away and MacGinty will have a kick at goal.
54'Player substituted - Josh Strauss , Sale Sharks
54'Substitute on - Tom Curry , Sale Sharks
52'Substitute on - Halani 'Aulika , Sale Sharks
52'Player substituted - Alexandru Tarus , Sale Sharks
52'Substitute on - Simon McIntyre , Wasps
52'Player substituted - Matt Mullan , Wasps
51'What a superb game we have on our hands here. Not what we expected once Sale were down 17-0 and with James O'Connor limping off.
51'23-24 Conversion - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
50'23-22 Try - Elliot Daly , Wasps
49'TRY Wasps look to be back into the game as Daly goes over. Wade was down in the build up but wasn't held. He got up and sprung it out wide right to Elliot Daly to score.
47'A huge difference in the way Sale have bossed Wasps since going 17-0 behind. They are now up to the Wasps 22 again, with Luke James making a break.
46'23-17 Penalty goal - AJ MacGinty , Sale Sharks
45'AJ MacGinty will line up a shot at goal from the penalty.
44'No advantage and JP Doyle brings us back for the penalty.
44'Now Sale have the upper hand, Yarde takes it off the back of the ruck and Wade hangs on to him as Yarde breaks into the 22.
43'Wasps almost strike back immediately but the ball goes into touch after a kick through.
41'TRY Dan Robson makes a terrible mistake, as he looks to box kick from the back of the ruck, Bryn Evans comes in to charge him down and gets the try. Sale lead.
41'20-17 Try - Bryn Evans , Sale Sharks
41'15-17 End of first half
40'TRY What a comeback from Sale, from 17-0 down, they have a Wasps doubting themselves. Kearnan Myall loses the ball in midfield, and a delicate ship in behind by MacGinty and Byron McGuigan, in for Solomona latches onto it to score. Two points between them at the break. Huge second half to come.
40'15-17 Start of second half
40'15-17 Try - Byron McGuigan , Sale Sharks
38'10-17 Conversion - AJ MacGinty , Sale Sharks
37'We have a brilliant second half in store, but Sale will hope they can add something at the end of this half.
37'8-17 Try - Rob Webber , Sale Sharks
36'Sale's scrum is solid, MacGinty goes by himself but he is held short. They have a penalty advantage, Haley is held up and Rob Webber, once at Wasps, who scores before the break. Huge try in the game.
34'Having a bit of a breather here at the AJ Bell. James O'Connor having a torrid time through injury and with Solomona out, Steve Diamond will have big shoes to fill in the run in.
34'Sale from the lineout MacGinty creates space for Haley and all of a sudden Sale are in the Wasps 22. They need to get something out of this.
33'MacGinty kicks in behind Elliot Daly but Wasps take a quick throw and kick downfield towards halfway. Was an excellent kick from AJ MacGinty but they needed the players to go follow up on it.
32'MacGinty goes wide left to Haley who puts the ball back inside to Luke James. No space for Sale as they inch towards the Wasps 22.
30'Sale have the ball on halfway, Harrison gets over the gainline and the Wasps 10 metre line.
27'Some back and forth in the air, and the game has lost some of zing it started with.
25'3-17 Penalty goal - AJ MacGinty , Sale Sharks
23'Penalty against Wasps at the breakdown and AJ MacGinty is likely to step up and go for the posts.
21'0-17 Conversion - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
20'From the lineout Cipriani came on the outside of Gopperth, Christian Wade stepped in as a decoy. McGuigan stepped in and Bassett had the easiest of chances.
20'0-15 Try - Josh Bassett , Wasps
19'TRY Josh Bassett has a second. The lineout short of the 10 metre line in the Sale half, the ball goes left and Bassett has a clear run in for his second try of the game.
18'Willie Le Roux waits for the ball to drop with Marland Yarde set to run in and score, but the touch judge says the ball hit the line.
16'And Wasps knock the ball and Sale get the put in to the scrum.
15'Wasps now inside the Sale half with the lineout to come.
13'So James O'Connor limps down the tunnel, heartbreaking end to his evening after a lengthy spell out injured.
12'Player substituted - James O'Connor , Sale Sharks
12'Substitute on - Luke James , Sale Sharks
12'0-10 Conversion - Jimmy Gopperth , Wasps
11'Gathered in the lineout and they go left, there is an overlap and Josh Bassett touches down. 19th try in 52 Premiership games. Sale very narrow. Bassett gets the ball out wide and beats Haley and McGuigan to score.
11'0-8 Try - Josh Bassett , Wasps
9'Daly kicks through and Marland Yarde gathers and can do nothing but run the ball out of play. Lineout Wasps, five metres from the Sale line.
9'Lineout won by Wasps, Cipriani and Daly link up and Young brings Wasps 10 metres inside the Sale 22.
8'That was some monster kick from Daly. Sale give away the penalty at the breakdown and Wasps kick into the Sale 22.
8'0-3 Penalty goal - Elliot Daly , Wasps
6'When play will resume, we will have a penalty for Wasps and Daly will go for the posts from just over halfway.
5'Ross takes it one-handed in the lineout for Sale, down for de Klerk and O'Connor looks to be limping. Not good for Sale. He's down and being seen by the phsyio.
4'Wasps kick to touch and we will have a lineout to Sale on halfway.
4'Sale win the lineout and kick downfield and Le Roux can't take the ball before it goes dead outside the Wasps 22.
3'Lineout won by Wasps and they win the penalty. Cipriaini kicks into the Sale half.
2'Sale go left down the touchline but at the end with McGuigan put into touch.
1'Sale lineout is won by Ross, MacGinty gets the backs going and James O'Connor takes them up to the Wasps 10 metre line.
1'De Klerk kicks downfield, taken by Willie Le Roux who kicks to touch. Sale lineout just shy of halfway.
1'A quick advantage for Wasps as Sam Jones knocks on from the kick off but Ben Curry turns the ball over for Sale.
1'And Danny Cipriani gets us underway at the AJ Bell Stadium.
1'Steve Diamond expresses his displeasure at Denny Solomona's ban in his pre-match chat on BT. "We accept the ban. We are disappointed with the result. I think it is a big changing point in rugby, where one man versus another, who do you believe? There was no evidence, no witnesses and the panel decided not to believe Denny [Solomona]. So I am worried about what happens in every game, not just at this level, but every club game, can it happen where somebody says to the referee that something has been said and no one's heard. "People talk about the values of the game, but the values of the game rugby union, have also been that what goes on the field, to a certain extent, stays on the field. That has gone over that line now. We accept the decision, we are disappointed but we move on."
1'Welcome to tonight's clash between Sale Sharks and Wasps from the AJ Bell Stadium. Denny Solomona is out with Byron McGuigan replacing the banned winger, while James O'Connor starts at centre. For Wasps, Elliot Daly starts despite dislocating his finger.
1'0-0 Start of first half