9Ben Youngs, SH
3Dan Cole, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
5Courtney Lawes, L
6Chris Robshaw, FL
1Mako Vunipola, P
4Joe Launchbury, L
8Nathan Hughes, H
7Sam Underhill, FL
15Anthony Watson, FB
14Jonny May, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Owen Farrell, C
11Elliot Daly, W
10George Ford, FH
16Jamie George, C
17Joe Marler, C
18Harry Williams, L
19Maro Itoje, H
20Sam Simmonds, L
21Danny Care, FL
22Henry Slade, FL
23Semesa Rokoduguni, W

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham Stadium
3:00 PM, November 18, 2017
Attendance: 81,909

Match Commentary

81'+230-6 End of second half
81'+130-6 Try - Danny Care , England
80'Australia try and play during the last play but a loose pass falls to May and he gets the ball way to Care who trots in to round off the afternoon
79'TRY! Jonny May gathers and slides over after a blindside move from the scrum. The scoreline flatters England but Twickenham doesn't care
79'25-6 Try - Jonny May , England
79'Player substituted - Sean McMahon , Australia
79'Substitute on - Lopeti Timani , Australia
78'England taking their time as the scrum resets for a second time
77'Launchbury is awarded MOM in the stadium, can't have any complaints there
76'Another drop ball from the Aussies as they threaten out wide
75'The bounce falls England's way and Care clears to halfway
75'Farrell is charged down and Hooper just can't gather it with the try line gaping
74'Farrell takes his time and adds the extras
73'20-6 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
72'A Danny Care boxkick takes a tricky bounce and Joseph beats his rival to the ball and uses the wet conditions to slide over and has scored for England!
72'18-6 Try - Jonathan Joseph , England
71'Slade thrown on in the deep end at 12 as Farrell moves to ten
71'Substitute on - Nick Phipps , Australia
71'Player substituted - Will Genia , Australia
70'The TMO continues to have a look, not a lot in it
70'Out of nowhere Koroibete breaks and gets an offload away to Foley who skips through and Australia may have scored but again the TMO has a mightily tight call to make
70'Player substituted - Scott Sio , Australia
70'Substitute on - Tom Robertson , Australia
70'Player substituted - George Ford , England
70'Substitute on - Henry Slade , England
70'Substitute on - Danny Care , England
70'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
69'England then win the penalty at the scrum and they clear their lines up to halfway
68'But it comes down and legally according to the referee and England win a scrum to the relief of Twickenham
67'Australia win their own ball and get the shove on at the maul
67'Foley kicks to five metres out
67'Beale chips through and Daly manages to scramble it down for a 22 drop out but the referee goes back for the advantage
67'Player substituted - Sekope Kepu , Australia
67'Substitute on - Allan Alaalatoa , Australia
67'Substitute on - Harry Williams , England
67'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
67'Player substituted - Samu Kerevi , Australia
67'Substitute on - Karmichael Hunt , Australia
66'Kerevi makes another strong carry and the Aussies are up to the England 22
64'Foley lands the three and puts them within a converted try
64'Player substituted - Tatafu Polota-Nau , Australia
64'Substitute on - Stephen Moore , Australia
64'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
64'Substitute on - Joe Marler , England
64'13-6 Penalty goal - Bernard Foley , Australia
63'Another penalty to Australia and England must be close to a card here, Farrell gets a talking to
63'Substitute on - Sam Simmonds , England
63'Player substituted - Nathan Hughes , England
62'England threaten to break away after Lawes delivers a beautiful offload but Daly is just pushed into touch
62'Substitute on - Matt Philip , Australia
62'Player substituted - Blake Enever , Australia
61'Robshaw gives away a silly penalty for a late hit on Beale and Australia are given an easy 50 metres
60'England clear their lines and Australia are forced right back into their 22
59'Australia win a penalty at the scrum but Hodges commits a cardinal sin as he misses touch
58'Australia look tired as Beale knocks on a simple pass, allows everyone a breather
57'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
57'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
56'Just as Australia look to be close to going ahead Daly scores, frantic stuff here
56'A frantic passage and the TMO is having a close look as the ball is very close to the touchline on the chip through. Need a microscope for this one
56'Kerevi makes a break from nowhere but his offload is dropped before Daly chases down the loose ball and somehow the ball stays in for him and he controls it before touching down for what looks like a try!
56'13-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
55'Foley makes a half-break and feeds Hooper who closes in on the line before England somehow steal it and clear upfield
54'11-3 Try - Elliot Daly , England
53'Itoje pinged at the lineout and Australia continue to put the pressure on
52'A big defensive set from Australia though as they catch Farrell cold and win the penalty which Hodge punts down the field
51'England burst into life and a neat backs moves takes them into the 22
50'Beale now returns to the fray with the momentum very much with Australia
50'Since Australia have been down to thirteen they lead the scoring 3-0
49'He makes no mistake and closes the gap to just three
49'6-3 Penalty goal - Reece Hodge , Australia
48'Penalty awarded to Australia for offside and Hodge takes his time lining up the kick at goal
47'England have made a shaky start to this half, Australia will be pleased with proceedings as Beale remains in the bin
46'England steal the ball at the subsequent lineout through Launchbury but again they knock the ball on
45'May close to fumbling the ball in his own 22 but just gets the kick away as Hooper was tearing towards him
44'Australia clear deep and Youngs responds with another bomb of a boxkick
43'England threaten as Lawes gets the offload away but as Ford pops it to Vunipola the prop drops it and Australia's thirteen hold on again
41'The usual kick tennis to start the half as Daly tries to run it back but is chopped down by his opposing man
41'We're underway in the second period as Ford hoists it high into the rain
41'Substitute on - Ben McCalman , Australia
41'Player substituted - Ned Hanigan , Australia
41'6-0 End of first half
40'6-0 Start of second half
40'Yellow card - Kurtley Beale , Australia
39'Australia break away after Farrell drops one. England manage to salvage it back and May throws an offload that Beale throws a stray hand at is adjudged to have knocked it on on purpose. The referee quickly brandishes another yellow!
39'Into the last minute and England continue to knock at the door but conditions aren't making things easy
38'Ned Hanigan is down receiving some lengthy treatment but looks as if he will carry on
38'Ford drops back into the pocket but pulls his drop goal attempt wide
38'Another maul makes plenty of hard yards for England, not pretty but its working
37'Drop goal-missed
36'England win a penalty as Hodge holds on in the ruck. Ford quickly gets the ball into touch and England are back on the attack
36'The scrum breaks down again and Australia are in no rush with Hooper in the stands
34'This time Watson not secure under the high ball and knocks on on the halfway
33'Farrell slots the easy three and England will be looking to make the most of the extra man for the remainder of the half
33'Another penalty to England and Hooper is receiving a talking to and the referee pulls out a yellow. Australia really on the backfoot here
33'6-0 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
33'Yellow card - Michael Hooper , Australia
32'Pick and go from the forwards as they're feet from the line
31'The maul is getting close to the line as the backs join in
30'England get their heave on and Farrell goes for yet another high crossfield with an advantage. Comes to nothing and England go for the corner!
29'Farrell this time with a crosskick that comes to nothing but Genia is called up for being offside and Farrell kicks the penalty up to Australia's 22
28'Beale this time targeted on a crossfield but he grabs it from Daly and nearly gets away
27'The TMO rightly disallows it although Cheika is distraught for some reason
27'Try! The TMO will check as Hooper did look offside
26'England clear but Australia are back on the attack through the forwards
26'Itoje steals the ball at the lineout as a miscommunication ruins the Aussie attack
25'England pinged at the scrum and Australia bravely opt for the corner
24'Another round of kick tennis ends with May knocking a Foley chip on and Australia have a scrum in England territory
23'Foley shanks it horribly in the wet conditions
21'Australia getting more of the ball but are yet to threaten England's defence. Vunipola gives away a penalty at the ruck and the away side have a chance to level the scores with a 40m kick
20'England steal the ball and May chases the loose ball downfield but gives away a penalty at the ruck. Australia got away with one there
18'Vunipola again whistled at the scrum for an early push
17'Underhill goes off after taking a knock to the head in a tackle, Itoje on a lot earlier than expected
17'The Aussies handle it well and Beale clears to halfway
17'Player substituted - Sam Underhill , England
17'Substitute on - Maro Itoje , England
16'Farrell pings Australia deep into their 22 as his chips rolls out into touch
15'Watson has made a nice start at full back with a couple of tidy takes from high balls in tricky conditions
15'Australia slowly warming into it and Samu Kerevi carries well but just can't get the ball away to Beale before Genia is adjudged to have passed forwards again
14'Ford continues to find Foley who remains on the wing in defence
13'England win a penalty at the breakdown and Youngs goes quick, much more intent already then England showed last week
12'A couple of resets later and England chip through but Australia collect and Marika Koroibete carries powerfully
10'Forward pass from Foley and England regain possession, England on top in the first ten minutes
9'May nearly gets an intercept but can't collet cleanly and Australia have a scrum as the rain continues at Twickenham
8'Ford again goes for the crosskick but Australia collect and are building the phases in the England half
7'Farrell opens up the scoring with a sweet strike from the tee, first blood to England
7'3-0 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
6'England break through after a Hughes carry and a couple of offloads later are nearly in in the corner but the referee calls it back for an earlier offence after a pass is adjudged forward
4'Australia looking to play out from the back and create a mini opening before a knock on hands England the bll back on the halfway
3'Freekick to Australia at the first scrum for an early engagement
2'Foley has been hidden on the wing in defence and Ford quickly spots him with a high crosskick and Daly is close to gathering but just knocks on
1'Some early kick tennis ended by Foley as he clears the ball into the England half for an early lineout
1'Youngs clears with a trademark box kick
1'Kickoff! Foley kicks high into the rainy sky and England forwards collect
1'Just the anthems to go and then it will be kickoff at a murky but expectant Twickenham
1'Hello and welcome to the ESPN live coverage of England v Australia. England will be looking to preserve their unbeaten home record under Eddie Jones while Australia come in as underdogs but are in good form after an impressive win against Wales.
1'0-0 Start of first half