15Andries Coetzee, FB
14Ruan Combrinck, W
13Lionel Mapoe, C
12Harold Vorster, C
11Courtnall Skosan, W
10Elton Jantjies, FH
9Ross Cronje, SH
1Jacques Van Rooyen, P
2Malcolm Marx, H
3Ruan Dreyer, P
4Andries Ferreira, L
5Franco Mostert, L
6Jaco Kriel, FL
7Kwagga Smith, FL
8Ruan Ackermann, N8
16Akker van der Merwe, R
17Corne Fourie, R
18Johannes Jonker, R
19Lourens Erasmus, R
20Cyle Brink, R
21Faf de Klerk, R
22Sylvian Mahuza, R
23Rohan Janse van Rensburg, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Emirates Airlines Park
10:00 AM, August 5, 2017
Capacity: 60,000

Match Commentary

81'17-25 End of second half
80'Heartbreak for a second season in a row for the Lions. The hosts were unable to recover from a slow start and losing Smith to a red card, despite a spirited finish at Ellis Park.
80'Crusaders secure the ball and as they drive into the Lions half they also pick up a penalty. Mo'unga taps, kicks the ball out and the Crusaders have won their eighth Super Rugby title!
79'De Klerk knocks on as he loses concentration. Scrum to Crusaders, who have 80 seconds to see out.
78'Sam Whitelock steals it, though, and that should put the game to bed.
77'The Lions have a lineout on the Crusaders 22. The decibel level in Ellis Park has increased somewhat.
74'The Lions are looking for space as they chase the points they need. Jantjies is almost through but the Crusaders are managing to keep them pinned in their own 22.
73'TRY! The Lions keep the ball in hand, and de Klerk finds Corne Fourie who powers over under the posts.
73'17-25 Conversion - Elton Jantjies , Lions
73'15-25 Try - Corne Fourie , Lions
72'Lovely break from Mapoe and Andries Coetzee takes the Lions towards the Crusaders line.
70'Crusaders milk a penalty from the scrum as they put the pressure on the depleted Lions shove.
70'Substitute on - Sylvian Mahuza , Lions
70'Player substituted - Ruan Combrinck , Lions
70'Substitute on - Cyle Brink , Lions
70'Player substituted - Ruan Ackermann , Lions
68'Was that the chance? Franco Mostert powers towards the line but he is tackled metres out and then Rohan Janse van Rensburg knocks the ball on.
67'A forward pass from Goodhue gives the Lions a scrum in their own half.
65'Jantjies adds the extras and the Lions have a glimmer of hope.
65'Player substituted - Malcolm Marx , Lions
65'Substitute on - Akker van der Merwe , Lions
65'Player substituted - Jacques Van Rooyen , Lions
65'Substitute on - Corne Fourie , Lions
65'Substitute on - Johannes Jonker , Lions
65'Player substituted - Ruan Dreyer , Lions
65'10-25 Conversion - Elton Jantjies , Lions
64'TRY! Faf de Klerk is on for the Lions, and adds some pace to the Lions play. Combrinck is held up just short, but Malcolm Marx burrows over.
64'8-25 Try - Malcolm Marx , Lions
62'Penalty Lions. The Crusaders are penalised at the scrum and following some handbags, Jantjies kicks to the corner.
62'Player substituted - Ross Cronje , Lions
62'Substitute on - Faf de Klerk , Lions
61'Ackermann claims the lineout but is unable to get a drive going as the Crusaders turn the ball over.
60'Penalty to the Lions. A huge roar goes up as George Bridge is penalised. The Lions again go to the corner.
59'But the lineout is lost and the Crusaders clear through Crotty.
57'The Lions use their maul to good effect to drive towards the line. They eventually win a penalty, and it's kicked to the corner.
57'Substitute on - George Bridge , Crusaders
57'Player substituted - Israel Dagg , Crusaders
57'Player substituted - Codie Taylor , Crusaders
57'Substitute on - Ben Funnell , Crusaders
57'Player substituted - Scott Barrett , Crusaders
57'Substitute on - Luke Romano , Crusaders
56'The Lions are enjoying a sustained spell of possession which is ended as they get a penalty for a high tackle. Jantjies boots it into the Crusaders 22.
54'Mo'unga pull off a great tackle to deny Courtnall Skosan on the left wing. That was the Lions' best move of the second half. They need much more of that.
54'Substitute on - Lourens Erasmus , Lions
54'Player substituted - Andries Ferreira , Lions
54'Player substituted - Harold Vorster , Lions
54'Substitute on - Rohan Janse van Rensburg , Lions
53'Penalty to Crusaders! Ruan Dreyer pinged for collapsing the scrum, and Mo'unga has a simple chance to add to his side's lead.
53'3-25 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
51'Unsurprisingly, the Crusaders are finding it quite easy to find space against the 14 men. The Lions have a scrum on their own five-metre line to defend.
51'Substitute on - Pete Samu , Crusaders
51'Player substituted - Jordan Taufua , Crusaders
49'Excellent footwork from Crotty and the Crusaders are threatening the Lions line once more.
47'A great kick from Havili to keep the Lions pinned in their own half.
47'Player substituted - Joe Moody , Crusaders
47'Substitute on - Wyatt Crockett , Crusaders
45'The Crusaders come again through Goodhue and Michael Alaalatoa as they look to move into the Lions 22.
44'3-22 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
43'TRY! Read powers over under the posts following a lovely cross-field kick from Mo'unga and excellent hands from Dagg and Jordan Taufua. That could well be that.
43'The Crusaders are into the Lions 22 and they have a penalty advantage.
43'3-20 Try - Kieran Read , Crusaders
41'We're back underway and the half starts with the Lions on the front foot, but Matt Todd helps secure a turnover for the Crusaders.
41'Player substituted - Owen Franks , Crusaders
41'Substitute on - Michael Alaalatoa , Crusaders
41'Player substituted - Bryn Hall , Crusaders
41'Substitute on - Mitchell Drummond , Crusaders
41'3-15 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
41'+13-15 End of first half
40'Mo'unga sends the penalty over and the Crusaders have a 12-point lead against the 14-man Lions at the break. It is going to take a huge effort from the hosts to get back into this game.
40'Penalty Crusaders. As time ticks down on the first half, the Crusaders put the seven-man Lions scrum under huge pressure.
40'3-15 Start of second half
39'Red card! Smith is sent off as Peyper and his TMO conclude he was never in a position to challenge for the ball. He couldn't get out of the way, but also made no attempt to soften Havili's fall.
39'Time off following a collision between Havili and Smith as the former attempted to claim the ball in the air. Smith could be in trouble.
39'Red card - Kwagga Smith , Lions
36'Another promising phase of play from the Lions is brought to an end by their own mistake as Lionel Mapoe knocks on.
32'Kriel somehow keeps control of the ball but a few phases later it is the Crusaders who win the penalty. Excellent defence from the Kiwi side.
32'Penalty to the Lions for a deliberate knock on and the hosts suddenly have a lineout five metres out.
31'A rare mistake from the Crusaders and the Lions take advantage to move into their opponents' half.
29'Crusaders get over the line but Peyper decides the ball had been held up.
28'Kriel is required to put in some good defensive work as the Crusaders sense another chance. Combrinck clears but cannot get any distance on his kick. Pressure still on.
27'Jantjies makes a sweet connection with the ball and the Lions are up and running.
27'3-12 Penalty goal - Elton Jantjies , Lions
26'Penalty Lions on halfway, and Jantjies has a chance to get his side on the scoreboard.
25'The fullback's kick has the distance but the ball falls wide of the right-hand post.
23'Penalty for Crusaders, as Lions are pinged for offside. Inside his own half David Havili calls for the kicking tee.
22'Another Lions error costs them, but that was a lot better from the hosts. Ackermann is carrying well, and causing the Crusaders problems with ball in hand.
21'Crotty steps Jantjies to move into the Lions 22 but the Ackermann forces a turnover to ease the pressure.
20'The lineout is sloppy but Jaco Kriel mops up and launches an attack. Lions penalised for crossing, though, as they move into the Crusaders half.
18'Joe Moody penalised at scrum time and the Lions have a chance to clear through Ruan Combrinck.
16'The Crusaders are threatening the Lions line once again. Mo'unga steps inside looking for space, but as the ball is spread wide Israel Dagg loses the ball forward as he attempts to finish.
14'Good hands play from Kwagga Smith helps the Lions into the Crusaders 22 but they are turned over just as they are building pressure.
13'The Lions find themselves 12-0 down with less than 15 minutes gone. The hosts need to regroup.
12'TRY! Crusaders just too good for the Lions there. Kieran Read lays in Jack Goodhue to score in the corner.
12'0-12 Try - Jack Goodhue , Crusaders
11'Some lovely hands from Crusaders and Codie Taylor charges towards the try line.
9'0-7 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
8'The Lions were punished for some sloppy play at the breakdown there. Crusaders clinical.
8'TRY! Jantjies is caught at the gain line, Crusaders turn the ball over and Seta Tamanivalu canters in from long range. Advantage Crusaders.
8'0-5 Try - Seta Tamanivalu , Crusaders
7'The Lions burst into the Crusaders 22 following good work from Ruan Ackermann.
5'Richie Mo'unga is down receiving treatment following a challenge for the ball. Peyper checks with his TMO but both are happy it was a fair contest.
4'Jantjies takes aim with a drop goal attempt but he doesn't connect with it well and the ball drifts wide.
4'Drop goal-missed
3'The Crusaders deal with the pressure and Ryan Crotty is able to clear downfield, as the two sides exchange kicks.
1'Lions secure an early turnover and then win the first penalty of the game. Elton Jantjies kicks the ball into Crusaders territory.
1'Jaco Peyper blows his whistle and we're underway at Ellis Park.
1'The Lions emerge from the tunnel to a deafening welcome. This should be some game.
1'Ellis Park is filling up as the clock ticks towards kick off. It is a sell out in Johannesburg and the final is set to be played in front of a record Super Rugby crowd.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2017 Super Rugby final between the Lions and Crusaders at Ellis Park.

The sides finished first and second respectively in the regular season table, and it is sure to be an emotional encounter as visiting boss Scott Robertson chases history and opposite number Johan Ackermann bids farewell to the Lions.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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