15Alex Goode, FB
14Anthony Watson, W
13Henry Slade, C
12Owen Farrell, C
11Jack Nowell, W
10George Ford, FH
9Danny Care, SH
1Mako Vunipola, P
2Tom Youngs, H
3Dan Cole, P
4Joe Launchbury, L
5Geoff Parling, L
6James Haskell, FL
7Chris Robshaw, FL
8Nick Easter, N8
16Jamie George, R
17Joe Marler, R
18David Wilson, R
19George Kruis, R
20Tom Wood, R
21Richard Wigglesworth, R
22Jonathan Joseph, R
23Mike Brown, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: City of Manchester Stadium
3:00 PM, October 10, 2015
Attendance: 50,778

Match Commentary

83'Tom Hamilton at the City of Manchester Stadium writes: "Hat-tricks from Nick Easter and Jack Nowell gave England reason to break into the slightest of smiles after what has been a torrid World Cup. As Swing, Low rang out at the end of the match, England had achieved what they set out to in the north of England - the desire to put on a show - but now comes the awkward post-mortem as to why this game effectively meant nothing in the big, wide scheme of things. Alongside Nowell and Easter, Henry Slade was fantastic at outside centre while Danny Care bossed the breakdown superbly. They mustered 10 tries in the end - the last being a penalty try - as they finished on a winning note."
81'Ford finally kicks one.
81'+160-3 Conversion - George Ford , England
81'+158-3 Penalty try
81'+260-3 End of second half
80'England are awarded a penalty try and Ford has one last chance to kick the ball between the posts.
77'England's forwards inch their way away from the line and then Wigglesworth kicks the ball clear. Uruguay have the ball and are inching their own way into the England half. Swing Low Number Seven.
76'Swing Low Number Six.
75'Nowell's hat-trick of tries might augur more for the future than Easter's. But it might mean very little really: Uruguay have kept going but that's the best that can be said for them really.
74'Ford misses again.
74'53-3 Try - Jack Nowell , England
74'Substitute on - Manuel Blengio Penalva , Uruguay
74'Player substituted - Agustin Ormaechea , Uruguay
74'Substitute on - Alejo Duran Parletti , Uruguay
74'Player substituted - Felipe Berchesi Pisano , Uruguay
73'Referee has a chat with the Uruguayan captain explaining that if there are many more penalties he will have to sinbin someone. And then Nowell rings the ball into the corner for his hat-trick. TRY!
71'Some scrappy midfield play and the ball eventually reaches Nowell, who is also in with a chance of a hat-trick.
71'Substitute on - Richard Wigglesworth , England
71'Player substituted - Danny Care , England
71'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
71'Substitute on - Joe Marler , England
71'Substitute on - Oscar Duran de Bertolaza , Uruguay
71'Player substituted - Carlos Arboleya Sarazola , Uruguay
70'Ford misses again. Bring back Owen Farrell?!
70'48-3 Try - Jack Nowell , England
69'England lineout in the corner. Rolling maul follows. Care snipes and gets close to the line but not far enough and back to the forward phases. Lots of shoving at the base of the posts by the England pack and then the ball swings wide and Nowell is in at the corner for a TRY!
69'Player substituted - Alejandro Nieto Serra , Uruguay
69'Substitute on - Agustin Alonso Dieguez , Uruguay
69'Substitute on - Diego Magno , Uruguay
69'Player substituted - Matias Beer Vuco , Uruguay
68'England TRY in the corner but No, it's a knock on.
67' And is followed by Swing Low Number Five.
67'Player substituted - Anthony Watson , England
67'Substitute on - Mike Brown , England
66'Some of you would like some more singing:
65'England win the lineout and the blue mission goes unfulfilled.
64'Uruguay are so close to the England line but can't quite push over. And now they have a penalty and a kick to the corner and they can have another go.
63'Alejo Corral coming on for his 50th - and final - cap for Uruguay. They've been out of their class at this competition but have battled and will remember this. Especially if they get a try here with a rolling maul...
63'Substitute on - Mathias Palomeque Castro , Uruguay
63'Player substituted - Jorge Zerbino Stajano , Uruguay
63'Substitute on - Nicolas Klappenbach Zucchi , Uruguay
63'Player substituted - Mario Sagario , Uruguay
63'Player substituted - Mateo Sanguinetti , Uruguay
63'Substitute on - Alejo Corral , Uruguay
62'Ford misses the conversion but it's now 43-3 and those points are not particularly (at all) crucial.
61'A big shove and Nick Easter gets a hat-trick. That's a boost for England's 2019 RWC campaign. Easter will only be 41 by then.
61'Player substituted - James Haskell , England
61'Substitute on - Tom Wood , England
60'Swing Low Number Five. And an England rolling maul into the blue 22. Who'd have thunk it.
60'43-3 Try - Nick Easter , England
59'Joseph is going to come on and will play alongside Slade. England taking Farrell off - it turns out that England really didn't need a specialist kicker in this game.
59'Substitute on - Jonathan Joseph , England
59'Player substituted - Owen Farrell , England
58'Farrell boots that one between the sticks and it's 38-3. Uruguay looking tired. England's previously-unused adventurous backs profiting.
58'38-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
57'Goode and Care breaks through and Nowell gets the final touch as England score a TRY in the corner!
57'36-3 Try - Jack Nowell , England
55'Farrell misses again. From out wide but still...
55'Substitute on - George Kruis , England
55'Player substituted - Geoff Parling , England
54'31-3 Try - Henry Slade , England
53'Slade charges down and chases and scores a TRY in the corner!
51'For comparison: Uruguay's results in this tournament: 9-54 vs Wales, 3-65 vs Australia, 15-47 vs Fiji
49'Uruguay are back to full strength.
48'Not even a Swing Low in this second half to cheer us up.
47'Haskell rampages forward and wins a scrum and England pass the ball with more fluidity than at any other time tonight. Briefly. Before coughing the ball up.
46'Nowell almost slips clear on the wing but he's tackled into touch.
45'England contest the lineout and snatch the ball. England then kick the ball back to the light blues and Uruguay are on the attack again.
44'The Uruguay pack are briefly camped on the edge of the England 22 and eventually win a penalty - which they kick for the corner.
43'Substitute on - David Wilson , England
43'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
42'Ford kicks out wide for Nowell but he can't claim it. Remember, Uruguay are still down to 14 men here after a high tackle.
42'So, apparently not everyone thinks that Stuart Lancaster will get to see out his six year contract.
42'26-3 Try - Anthony Watson , England
41'Dan Cole is off and so is Owen Farrell's conversion. That's a rarity.
41'+1Yellow card - Santiago Vilaseca Hontou , Uruguay
41'+221-3 End of first half
40'England attack after a great Nick Easter claim. The ball reaches Watson on the wing for a TRY in the corner!
40'England are near the Uruguay 22 but can't get far and win a penalty in time added on, so they tap and go and the ball reaches Watson out on the wing and there's an Oooh but then an Ahhhh as he's tackled hard. England still have the ball and another penalty and a yellow card to Uruguay's captain. And then the whistle blows. Half-time.
40'21-3 Start of second half
39'Ben Cohen doesn't appear to have bothered turning up for "the wrong party!. His Twitter page is full of talk about Strictly Come Dancing.
37'Penalty and England kick for the corner and a lineout.
36'England switch the ball back and forth and Goode tries to break the line, but it's all a bit too pedestrian.
34'If one of the teams here are to be credited for inventiveness, it's not England. There's a clear gulf in class but England not capitalising.
33'England's scrum on the edge of their own 22 is shoved back by the lighter Uruguayans. England boot the ball clear but that wasn't particularly impressive. England go through the phases to reach the edge of the blue 22 and Uruguay steal...
32'Uruguay are trying to run the ball but eventually knock on. Swing Low Number Four rings out.
31'Are you having fun yet?
30'And here comes the Mexican Wave.
30'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
30'Player substituted - Tom Youngs , England
29'Tom Youngs goes off, several minutes after he probably should've. On comes Jamie George for his RWC debut.
28'It's all a bit scrappy and England cough up the ball.
27'Sweet Chariot rings out for the third time this evening by my count. How many times will we hear it tonight?
26'After a couple of minutes of slow Uruguayan attack, England claim the ball back and Watson breaks fast but he's lacking support and England have to settle for forwards going past the gain line slowly in phases.
25'Easter fumbles a high ball and Uruguay have a scrum in England's 22.
25'21-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
23'Nick Easter is 37. Lancaster trying out the youngsters in this meaningless game.
23'19-3 Try - Nick Easter , England
22'Easter gets another try as England camp in the Uruguayan 22 with another of those rolling mauls.
20'Slade and Farrell are England's 15th centre pairing under Stuart Lancaster.How many will he try out in the next six years of his contract? He's going to see that contract out, right?
19'Care and Goode put in a couple of deep kicks but Uruguay deal with them comfortably enough and then there's some midfield jousting and the men in blue almost snatch another interception but the ball bobbles out of control.
19'14-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
18'Farrell converts from an angle. 14-3.
18'12-3 Try - Nick Easter , England
17'England's penalty is kicked to the corner and the lineout becomes a rolling maul and Nick Easter, old man that he is, is the one to touch the ball down. 12-3.
16'What am I saying, I so wish this game mattered.
15'England scrum in midfield and they push and eventually Uruguay concede a penalty which England kick to touch. One fifth of the way into this game and England lead by 4 points. Good job that England didn't come into this game needing to win by 80 points to advance
14'Swing Low didn''t last long and play is halted as Tom Youngs has some treatment.
13'Another rendition of Swing Low echoes around the City of Manchester Stadium, but Uruguay win the scrum and swing the ball to their right and have a couple of phases until there's a forward pass.
12'Slade loses the ball in the tackle and Uruguay have the scrum.
10'A moment of high comedy almost ensues when Uruguay hooker Carlos Arboleya Sarazola intercepts but he's never going to outrun England from his own 22 and the play is called back anyway. England ball.
9'Scrum to England and then a first penalty in kicking range but they go for the corner. Lineout and the rolling maul to come...
8'7-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
7'The TRY is confirmed and it's England 5-3 Uruguay. With the kick of the deadeye Owen Farrell to come....
7'5-3 Try - Anthony Watson , England
6'England break from the set-piece and Slade floats the ball out to Nowell who kicks ahead and Watson chases the ball to the endzone and touches it down...TRY (but first a TMO)
5'And here's a scrum, which England must surely be expecting to dominate. Then again, they thought that would be the case against Australia and they turned out to be so wrong...
4'Uruguay find touch and relieve the pressure.
3'England win the ball and swing it across the backlines. Farrell breaks the line from his new position at centre but is eventually brought down. And then there's a ruck and Tom Youngs grabs an opponent around the neck. He could be in trouble here. No yellow card but a penalty to Uruguay, in their light blue.
2'So, who thinks Uruguay might win this game? Danny Care who is getting a game at last in this World Cup kicks beautifully to the corner and it's a lineout to Uruguay
2'0-3 Penalty goal - Felipe Berchesi Pisano , Uruguay
1'Are you still watching?
1'Anthems followed swiftly by kick off followed swiftly by the first Swing Low followed swiftly by the first penalty of the game... to Uruguay! Straight in front of the posts: 3-0 to Uruguay
1'It's Saturday primetime, World Rugby (or the IRB or whatever they are called this week) and ITV will have been imagining that this slot would be ratings gold. Instead, England have flopped disastrously and are already out of the tournament and the best that can be said for this game for England is that they are playing for pride. Uruguay will have been looking forward to this game so much more than England. So, I know why I'm watching: I'm paid to and this turned out to be one of my games in the ESPNscrum RWC rota. But why are you watching? I asked Twitter and here are a few of the best replies (if you share your thoughts with @Busfield you too could be included in the liveblog of this prestigious event): Our man at the game is the great Tom Hamilton, and he will make sense of it for us. Here come the teams:
1'0-0 Start of first half

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