7Lewis Moody, FL
5Tom Palmer, L
1Andrew Sheridan, P
8Nick Easter, H
6Tom Croft, FL
9Ben Youngs, SH
3Dan Cole, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
4Courtney Lawes, L
15Ben Foden, FB
14Chris Ashton, W
13Mike Tindall, C
12Shontayne Hape, C
11Mark Cueto, W
10Toby Flood, FH
16Steve Thompson, P
17David Wilson, FL
18Simon Shaw, L
19Hendre Fourie, FH
20Danny Care, H
21Charlie Hodgson, FB
22Matt Banahan, W

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham Stadium
2:30 PM, November 27, 2010
Attendance: 80,793

Match Commentary

81'11-21 End of half
81'11-21 End of half
81'11-21 End of second half
79'Player substituted - Gio Aplon , South Africa
79'Substitute on - Patrick Lambie , South Africa
79'Player substituted - Bismarck Du Plessis , South Africa
79'Substitute on - Adriaan Strauss , South Africa
79'11-21 Try - Ben Foden , England
78'TRY Foden pounces for an interception and races away to grab a consolation score.
74'Substitute on - Steve Thompson , England
74'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
73'Player substituted - Chris Ashton , England
73'Substitute on - Matt Banahan , England
72'6-21 Conversion - Morné Steyn , South Africa
70'6-19 Try - Lwazi Mvovo , South Africa
69'TRY Mvovo ghosts through the England defence before racing away to score. Morne Steyn adds the extras.
68'Substitute on - Gio Aplon , South Africa
68'Player substituted - Jean de Villiers , South Africa
68'Player substituted - Courtney Lawes , England
68'Substitute on - David Wilson , England
68'Substitute on - Simon Shaw , England
68'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
67'Substitute on - Flip van der Merwe , South Africa
67'Player substituted - Bakkies Botha , South Africa
62'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
62'Substitute on - Danny Care , England
61'Substitute on - Francois Hougaard , South Africa
61'Player substituted - Gio Aplon , South Africa
59'6-14 Try - Willem Alberts , South Africa
58'TRY Replacement Alberts crossed in the corner to give the Boks some breathing space.
53'Substitute on - CJ van der Linde , South Africa
53'Player substituted - Jannie du Plessis , South Africa
49'Player substituted - Deon Stegmann , South Africa
49'Substitute on - Willem Alberts , South Africa
48'Player substituted - Zane Kirchner , South Africa
48'Substitute on - Adrian Jacobs , South Africa
43'6-9 Penalty goal - Morné Steyn , South Africa
42'PENALTY Morne Steyn troubles the scorers in the opening moments of the second half with his third penalty.
41'6-6 End of first half
40'6-6 Start of second half
36'6-6 Penalty goal - Morné Steyn , South Africa
35'PENALTY Morne Steyn brings his side level once again.
34'Substitute on - Charlie Hodgson , England
34'Player substituted - Toby Flood , England
22'Player substituted - Tom Croft , England
22'Substitute on - Hendre Fourie , England
18'6-3 Penalty goal - Toby Flood , England
17'PENALTY Flood edges England ahead with his second successful kick.
11'3-3 Penalty goal - Morné Steyn , South Africa
10'PENALTY Morne Steyn levels things up with his first penalty.
6'3-0 Penalty goal - Toby Flood , England
5'PENALTY Flood opens the scores from the kicking tee.
1'0-0 Start of first half